An American web-based comedy series introduced a comic book character “THE TICK” who arrives in the city to uncover underworld mysterious combat crime. Later, the Tick and Arthur Everest comes to realize that “The Terror” (super-villain) may still controlling the crime situation in the city.

The Tick series portrayed by Peter Serafinowicz who act as in blue image superhero in the society. Now, you will also have  an opportunity to cosplay a new superhero in Tick suit, scroll down to grab all the costume accessories without any hassle.

The Tick Mask

Initially you need this Tick antenna mask which is the major part of costume accessory, however this costume is based on male superhero but in our opinion female cosplayer will look outstanding in this outfit.

The Tick Cosplay Blue Body Suit

Multi-purpose blue jump suit is best to describe the Tick look, however, artificial muscles are not included in the package by costume store. People who are weight lifter  or fitness expert will look outstanding in this get-up.

The Tick Halloween Costume Gloves

Whether you are cosplay this character by the Tick comic or the Tick movie, you need this blue the tick gloves to look-alike the Tick live action superhero.

Tick Costume Boot

The Tick TV show reveals that in order to look identical with this blue super amazing hero you got to cart this costume boot from the Halloween shop.

The Tick Baseball Cape

Blue antenna hat is an alternative item that replaces the costume mask of adult Halloween costume and gives you almost similar look of this character. Further you will also wear this hat on casual basis.

The Tick Cosplay Costume

We are also considering The Tick cartoon series in this platform therefore we displayed above the complete costume from new tick series. Buyer who want to cart the single item must stick with the ticks outfit. Halloween shopping are never-ending at this stage therefore don’t forget to visit our collection of Halloween costume ideas by click here!