Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Kris Kringle and Father Christmas together known as Santa Claus who bring gifts to the well-behaved and well-mannered children at Christmas Eve and also have legendary figure in the Western Christian Culture. As regard to the getup he is overweight, joyous with white-bearded man, sometimes wear spectacles. He normally uses to wear White fur cuffed red trouser, red coat with white fur collar and cuff, boot and black leather belt. (Related Post: Christmas Gift)

Christmas around the world wants to call Santa to arrive in the Christmas village to distribute gift among children who really are well-mannered in their routine life. Findurfuture already shared some Christmas ideas but this time we like to share step by step costume guide of Santa Claus to share Christmas wishes at Halloween and the same costume be used to wear in Christmas Eve to distribute Christmas greetings among the cute buddies.

Santa Suit

Now its time that Santa Claus will come in to the town within this complete Santa Claus outfit that contain satin lined jacket, elastic waist pant, matching hat, white gloves, black vinyl belt with buckle and vinyl boot-tops.

Santa Beard

Along with Santa Claus dress you need to wear this identical big beard of him. Don’t be hesitating to wear this outfit because you have decided to create Christmas ideas for celebration of 12 days of Christmas prior Christmas decoration.

Santa Glasses

Many people and children are desperate to know “is Santa real?’ being an elder how can we give satisfactory answer to them. But with this imaginary appearance you will alteast let them fell that the story behind Santa is true and you are not telling lie to them.

Santa Claus Hat

Santa hat can be worn by both the genders along with their suit, similarly men have to wear the novelty glasses to cosplay Santa Claus at Halloween and/or at XMAS celebration.

Christmas Shoes

With the help of costume boot you will complete the entire Santa Claus accessory for your costume which you selected to wear at Halloween.

Santa Belly Stuffer

Santa Claus Belly Stuffer is also one of the necessary product to complete the costume DIY but it is on your will either to buy it along with the costume accessories or not.


Instead of only wearing Christmas Ornaments, women will also try to cosplay the Santa Claus costume. This costume will give you appealing look in the community you are cosplaying this Honorable entity.

Woman Christmas Costume

Women Secret Santa Costume

Miss Snowflake Costume

Miss Santa Costume

Sexy Santa Costume

Women are free to wear this outfit at Halloween as well as on Christmas. These crazy outfits will give you super hot look in front of your partner. Still we found huge searches for Christmas lingerie (see collection).


Like adult we also displayed kids costume to have little Santa Claus in the town to bless people their.

Little Santa Costume

Baby Santa Romper

Under the roof of Christmas tree and melodious Christmas song we wish you Merry Christmas in advance. This complete guide will help you out to select outfit for Christmas as well as Halloween to share the blessing of religion in your family. To check the costume guide of Cartoons & Fairy Tale, Click Here!