Carmen Isabela Sandiego (Janine LaManna) was the criminal mastermind, principal villain of the sandiego series and head of the ACME’s. Carmen Sandiego characters was popular due her involvement in the spectacular crime, most of them are impossible cases of theft. Carmen is also known for “where in the world is Carmen Sandiego” from the Carmen Sandiego games. Since 80’s this series accumulated its fans and followers by producing Carmen Sandiego Cartoon, Carmen Sandiego movie, Carmen Sandiego wiki, Carmen Sandiego show, and now in 2019 Carmen Sandiego returns in Netflix as the Carmen Sandiego TV Show.

Findurfuture, honored the devotion of the cosplayer to this beautiful and stunning character, share the costume guide of her so that you may enter the matrix.

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Carmen Sandiego Hat (Shop via Amazon)

Let begin this costume guide with the charming and elegant red hat with wide brim. This hat shows the feature of Carmen Sandiego Math Detective when you wear it during cosplay.

Carmen Sandiego Coat (Shop via Amazon)

Carmen Sandiego Gumshoe Jacket (see variation) is the most attractive costume accessories of the Carmen Sandiego Halloween costume. This high quality winter wool coat is available in double breasted buttons and belts.

Carmen Sandiego Skirt (Shop via Amazon)

With the addition of this Skirt in Carmen Sandiego dress your will switch the features of the Carmen Sandiego hot looks.

Carmen Sandiego T-Shirt (Shop via Amazon)

Play Carmen Sandiego cosplay is quite difficult but most responsible job because under the Carmen Sandiego outfit you are portraying the mastermind character with your hidden skills.

Carmen Sandiego Gloves (Shop via Amazon)

Carmen actress was wearing leather gloves to show her detective look to the audience in TV, movies and animated series so you also have to order this gloves for identical look.

Carmen Sandiego Boot (Shop via Amazon)

Last but not the least with this costume boot you will have all the costume accessories of the Carmen Sandiego cast. Including this entire item some women cosplayers had search Carmen Sandiego suitcase as an addition accessories for Carmen Sandiego theme.  To Check the costume accessories of other DC Comic Characters, Click Here!