Pirates of the Caribbean themes begin with the first movie in 2003 which hit the Pirates of the Caribbean rating and open up the vast idea for Pirates of the Caribbean franchise to publish the Pirates of the Caribbean wiki, Pirates of the Caribbean games and Disney Pirates merchandises. Later they produce new Pirates of the Caribbean movies with certain period of time to catch the attention of viewers with different Disney Themes. Fans and followers knows the Pirates of the Caribbean order along with the act of every single Pirates of the Caribbean characters.

Now time to try Pirates of the Caribbean Halloween costume with the DIY guide share by the findurfuture;

When does Pirates of the Caribbean come out…..Here we go….

Jack Sparrow costume (Shop via Amazon)

Pirates costume ideas begin with the costume wore by the Johnny Depp, product page contain two belts with attached buckles, faux fur tail & sash and tunic with attached jacket as package for Adult Pirates costume.

Disney Pirates: Dead Men Tell No Tales Jack Sparrow Hat (Shop via Amazon)

To look like Pirates you need this hat which Jack wear in Pirates movie recently. This soft brown leather hat is very lightweight hat with build in size adjuster to fit just right.

Jack Sparrow Wig & Bandana (Shop via Amazon)

Jack Sparrow hair style is almost identical in every episode of POTC, people who have long hair will only have to buy red bandana (Shop via Amazon) while other required this wig to complete Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow costume accessories.

Pirates Sword and Pirates Pistol (Shop via Amazon)

After having Pirates outfit you need these Pirates accessories to show your attraction towards Pirates of the Caribbean cosplay.

Pirate Mustache and Goatee (Shop via Amazon)

However it is not difficult to grow Pirates beard before Halloween but it will not suit with your professional personality therefore according to DIY Pirates costume buy this item to match with the character you are cosplaying.

Pirate Eye Patch & Plastic Gold Earring (Shop via Amazon)

Eye patch is an optional accessory with Pirates dress although Jack wore this item several times in the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Jack Sparrow Cosplay Shoes (Shop via Amazon)

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (Dead Man Tell no Tales) accumulate more devotes as compared to the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 so there are little variation found in the Pirates  boots (See Variation).

Potc5 Captain Jack Sparrow Hand Accessory (Shop via Amazon)

Captain Jack Sparrow wore this hand accessory in the Piratess of the Caribbean 2017 movie which include skull, dragon ring, silver ring and hand wraps.

Female Pirate Costume….

POTC5 Captain Jack Sparrow Female Costume (Shop via Amazon)

Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow female costume from the POTC 5 is the most demanding item that includes Pirate female jacket, Pirate hat, faux fur tail & sash, leggings and two belts with attached buckles. However, other accessories (shop via Amazon) will have to buy individually.

Pirates of the Caribbean Angelica Costume (Shop via Amazon)

Including Johnny Depp costume, we like to share the Pirates Angelica Costume (Penélope Cruz Sánchez) which include Pirate Coat/vest, Pirate female shirt, corset, boot cover, belt with buckle, leggings and hat.

Angelica Accessory Set (Shop via Amazon)

Angelica Cosplay is incomplete without POTC Angelica Cross Necklace and ring therefore we suggest you to buy these accessories along with the costume you are selecting for cosplay.

Pirate Costume Kids….

POTC5 Captain Jack Sparrow Girl (Shop via Amazon)

Our children are also interested to cosplay the character we are cosplaying at Halloween; therefore we share girls Pirates costume for teen cosplayers. Product page contain tunic with attached jacket, faux fur tail & sash, two belts with attached buckles, leggings and head wrap with attached hat.

Jack Sparrow Child Costume (Shop via Amazon)

Disney Pirates of the Caribbean boy Costume required outfit, moustache & Goatee, Jack Sparrow sword, costume boot, and Pirates. All the items are shown here.

Pirates of the Caribbean Hat (Shop via Amazon)

PotC5 Child Goatee and Moustache (Shop via Amazon)

Pirate Sword (Shop via Amazon)

Jack Sparrow Child Boot Covers (Shop via Amazon)

We hope this guide will help you a lot to select your Pirate Dress for this Halloween, further Pirates of the Caribbean Merchandise (see Pirates of the Caribbean Pins) are also very famous in Pinterest  followers. To check the costume guide of other Disney Characters, Click Here!