Hollywood is full horror movies, viewer shows their interest in watching those scary movies which are full of thrill, vampires, ghost and zombies. These movies are creating to scream the audience and become the scariest movie ever. However, many of these popular horror movies made hazardous impact in the mind of viewers but still interested viewers like to watch monsters movies. Among the list of best horror movies, findurufutre, select Saw films to share the Halloween costume ideas of Jigsaw Killer.

Prior we discuss Jigsaw planet lets flash back Saw series which generally based on seven episodes from 2004 to 2010 as Saw, Saw 2, Saw 3, Saw 4, Saw 5, Saw 6 and Saw 3D. As per the Mark Burg, the seventh episode is the final episode of Saw franchise but later they made certain changes to introduce the Jigsaw world from the flash back of the Saw tool.

How many Saw movies are there…..

Jigsaw Cosplay Suit (Shop Via Amazon)

Like other Saw movies rather killing victims Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) trap them into test or games (Jigsaw Puzzle) in which they have to live through physical and mental torture. Jigsaw costume begin with the 3-Piece Single Breasted Slim Fit 2-Button Vested Dress Suit which can be used as the prom party dress, business and wedding dress.

Daily Jigsaw White Shirt (Shop Via Amazon)

3 piece suit without dress shirt looks incomplete, however all the colors at the product page look outstanding with the suit displayed above but we prefer white color and new white color as the Jigsaw outfit.

Saw Jigsaw Mask (Shop Via Amazon)

There are little variation found in the Jigsaw Halloween mask (see variation), select the best horror genre mask to wear and become the character of the scariest horror movies. Further, if you are interest in the Jigsaw makeup (see tutorial) to look alike Jigsaw.

Jigsaw Bow Ties – Adjustable Band (Shop Via Amazon)

Another important item from this new scary movie is the red bow tie, which can further be wearing at different occasion along with the suit that you order to become the Band saw Blade.

Red Cotton Bandana (Shop Via Amazon)

Red cotton bandanas can be used for several purposes but we suggest this as a costume accessory of Jigsaw dress therefore put it at the top left pocket of you blazer as the gentleman dressing.

Classic Large Trike (Shop Via Amazon)

Unlike other scariest horror movies Jigsaw also got popular by using this tri-cycle therefore make sure you will also arrange such an item during cosplay.

Jigsaw Gloves (Shop Via Amazon)

If you have leather gloves of any color make sure to wear it along with your costume but the actual gloves wore by Jigsaw in the movie are displayed above.

Jigsaw Adult Puppet Costume And Mask (Shop Via Amazon)

Last but not the least, those who instead of making individual order can order this combo costume set which contain Costume mask, shirt with attached tie, pant, jacket and gloves. As regard to the Jigsaw shoes (Shop via Amazon) you are not bound to buy any particular item, you can wear any dress shoes with this costume.

Woman Jigsaw Costume (Shop via Amazon)

Instead of men, women are very much interested in Ladies Black Jigsaw Halloween Fancy Dress Costume. Mask and other items displayed above but you look appealing when use Jigsaw makeup rather wearing mask. Further use red pump (Shop via Amazon) as the Jigsaw Costume shoes. If you are interest in the scary clown costume, Click Here!