Death stroke (Slade Joseph Wilson) is a mercenary, assassin and the original enemy of the Teen Titan. He focused his work as the super villain against the Batman (see costume) and the Green Arrow (see costume). An experimental serum granted him enhanced strength, agility, speed, combat and durability. Death stroke powers allow him to use his mind about 90% of his brain any time. He also possess healing factor in his blood that allow him to heal much faster than any human however this healing ability didn’t recover his missing eye and entire limbs.

Findurfuture, like other Super heroes and Super Villain share the costume guide of the DCEU Death stroke.

Deathstroke Mask Helmet (Shop via Amazon)

Deathstroke wiki already declared that Deathstrokes face has right eye missing therefore he uses eye-patch with out his mask. Product page contain four different type and colors of mask to cover the Slade real face which he wear in different appearance.

Black Nylon Balaclava (Shop via Amazon)

Prior wearing mask we prefer to wear Balaclava as the optimal protection of the head, neck and face. Further it is quite necessary to have Deathstroke movie look.

How to make Death Stroke Armor…..

Full Body Armor Protector ATV Jacket Shirt  (Shop via Amazon)

Pictures of Deathstroke shows that you need full body armor in the Death Stroke staff. Further this armor is high quality reinforced plastic that protects your lower back, spine, chest, elbow, forearm, biceps and shoulder.

Full Finger Motorcycle Gloves (Shop via Amazon)

Every single item of the DC Death Stroke is valuable and precious specially when you are wearing it for cosplay, it doesn’t matter whether you act deathstroke teen titan or Batman deathstroke. Further, you will also check variation (Shop via Amazon) in the DC Comic Deathstroke gloves available at the product page.

Knee Pads Protector (Shop via Amazon)

We all know Deathstroke abilities that he is expert in martial arts and other combat skill therefore he also need several items to protect his body from uncertain attack.

Deluxe Swat Belt (Shop via Amazon)

Slade vs Deathstroke both required this swat belt for the cosplayer who are willing to cosplay this character as one of the main part of Deathstroke armor.

Adjustable Tactical Hunting Right Handed Leg (Shop via Amazon)

Deathstroke comics reveal his appearance as super villain at different stages in Deathstroke suit. Further it is clearly visual in the Deathstroke origin that he uses only right hostler to carry his gun.

Spring Airsoft Pistol (Shop via Amazon)

From the Deathstroke first appearance you need this replica gun as the necessary item of your costume accessories and with this gun you will become the DC Legend Deathstoke to kill your enemies.

Wooden Samurai Training Bokken (Shop via Amazon)

To have Deathstoke ninja quality you also required this samurai along with other costume accessories. However, teenager these days are crazy about deathstroke games and impressed when Deathstroke shows his moves while playing.

Shoulder Harness Sheath For Sword (Shop via Amazon)

Shoulder harness Sheath is the right item to place your katana during and after cosplay the character. Moreover it has durable, comfortable and has fully adjustable shoulder strap.

Lightweight Tactical Pant (Shop via Amazon)

Slade and Deathstroke both required this costume pant by Deathstroke the terminator. Further this tactical pant can also be used as different occasions after Halloween.

8” GI Type Jungle Boot (Shop via Amazon)

To make deathstroke army you need this costume boot. DC Universe deathstroke is now started ruling the heart of fans and followers like Harley Quinn (see costume) and Deadpool (see costume).

Deathstroke Full Body Costume (Shop via Amazon)

Fans who want to buy complete costume in a click, must visit the product page it contain every thing including Slade Wilson mask. We are trying to share more product of Deathstroke figure regarding Deathstroke rings (Shop via Amazon)  and Deathstroke tank (Shop via Amazon). If you are interested in the other DC Comic Character, Click Here!