John McClane (Bruce Willis) based on the character Joe Leland from the best selling novel of Roderick Thorp, “Nothing Last Forever” and Walter Wager’s novel “58 Minutes”. Fans who watch all the Die Hard movies better know the story of all of them therefore without wasting time discussing Die Hard films, Scroll down to collect all the accessories of the John McClane costume from Die Hard.

Viewers have several expectations with the character they are following and these expectations are fulfilled when those characters perform according to the imagination of the devotees. Fans and followers have appreciated all the acts and anti-violence activities perform by detective John McClane in the movie. Given below is the DIY guide of the Bruce Willis Die Hard costume.

John McClane Vest: Amazon

Instead of a Die Hard shirt let this guide begin with a white vest worn by the Die Hard cast (Bruce Willis). This scoop-neck ribbed tank is a multi-purpose garment that can be worn as an inside layer or outerwear

McClane Die Hard Flat Front Pant: Amazon

Die Hard movie collection contains several outfits worn by Die Hard characters but we only want to share the outfit of the people favorite John Maclean.

John Mclain Leather Belt: Amazon

Bruce McClane wore the leather belt as a part of his dressing in the film Die Hard. However, people who already have a leather belt with a nickel buckle will also order this belt for your collection of leather accessories.

Red Bruce Willis Blood: Amazon

When you have all the accessories displayed above you need fake blood spread on your body as well as your clothes which gives you an identical look to the Die Hard Christmas movie character.

Mehron Texas Dirt Special Effects Makeup Powder: Amazon

Before using fake blood we prefer you to use special effect makeup for a dart at different areas of your body.

Elite Stinger Airsoft Rifle: Amazon

Die Hard actor carries Beretta 92F as his duty weapon. Therefore we prefer identical airsoft rifles for the John McClean Cosplay.

Walkie Talkie Two-Way Radio: Amazon

Finally with the Flash Light Walkie Talkie two way radio; you have collected all the accessories for the Bruce Willis Die Hard Cosplay. Further as regards the Die Hard boot or Die Hard shoes we all know that he didn’t wear any of the particular brand or shape along with the outfit displayed above. Keep in touch with us to have the costume guide of the Die Hard 2; Live Free or Die Hard; Die Hard with a Vengeance and other Die Hard order to cosplay lovely Character at Halloween. For more costume ideas, Click Here.