Dominick “Dom” Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is the main protagonist of the Inception movie. Due to the level of expertise in the extraction, he is well known in the Black Market. He was falsely implicated in the murder of her beautiful wife Mal that’s why he is unable to return his home. He uses several weapons in the movie including the inception totem which was once owned by his wife. Looking forward to the Leonardo outfit and fans demand, findufuture is sharing the Dominic Cobb costume as an addition of the fashion outfit worn by celebrities in several blockbuster movies.

Leonardo/ inception characters describe the hidden inception theories to the viewer, therefore instead of enlightening this topic let scroll to check the Dominick Cobb costume accessories.

Dominic Copper Leather Jacket: Amazon

Like Great Gatsby outfit, Leonardo DiCaprio leather jacket becomes very famous after the release of the dream movies. The product page contain 20+ styles and colors of the leather jacket made with high-quality faux-leather; vintage stand collar with belt and zipper closure for casual wear as a motorcycle jacket.

Long Sleeves Button Down Dress Shirts: Amazon

Dominick as an Inception cast wore the navy blue shirt while portraying this character. You will also check other colors on the product page for office wear.

Slim Stretchy Casual Trousers Drayson Pant: Amazon

As fans well aware that, the Inception actor (Leonardo) be the solid reason who increases the Inception rating. Therefore, Dominic Cobb cosplayer you required this costume pant to have an identical look of the character.

Men’s Fashion Dress Belts: Amazon

Being a fashion brand Leonardo wears an outclass leather belt in brown color. The product page also contains more colors.

Oxford Dress Shoes: Amazon

Business casual shoes or oxford dress shoes that can be used to wear casual, parties, and offices. Therefore order this one as the costume accessories which can be used in several ways.

Inception Top: Amazon

Inception spinning top is the main and most demanding costume prop till inception end. Therefore all the Dominick Cobb cosplayers get ready to cosplay the character at Halloween. Use the outfit in office/workplace or in parties. To check fashion brands for popular celebrities click here.