An American science fiction action thriller movie, Ultraviolet cast Milla Jovovich as the main protagonist in the movie infected by the vampire like disease hemoglophagia. She is advanced in the martial arts skill and support of a group of rebel hemophages and a boy named six (Cameron Bright) whose blood may contain the cure of the disease. Below mention Milla Jovovich Ultraviolet costume / Violet Song Jat Shariff costume guide to display her red leather outfit. So ladies hold tight to scroll down the DIY costume guide of the Ultraviolet movie.

Violet Hairs: Amazon

Milla Jovovich violet used simple hair style in the movie, women who want to cosplay ultraviolet character in live ultra violet hair dye may proceed with your decision otherwise buy this Ultraviolet wig from the product page.

Ultraviolet Movie Jacket: Amazon

Violet vampire killer is on mission to stop the government for their experiments in human by injecting virus in their bodies. During her fighting in the blood war she use red leather jacket as the main costume accessory of the character.

Spagetti Strap Cami Cropped Bra Top: Amazon

Along with Violet Song Jatt Sharif costume jacket you need this red crop top, available at the product page among other colors and sizes.

Leather High Waisted Leggings: Amazon

Milla Jovovich in Ultraviolet wears this burgundy skinny pant for rough and tough moves while fighting with enemies.

Leather Ratchet Belts: Amazon

Once you have costume pant buy this brown leather belt to have attractive looks like Milla Jovovich hot.

Over the Elbow Leather Gloves: Amazon


Like Milla Jovovich hands you will also cover yours with the red/burgundy leather gloves available at the product page.

Ultraviolet cosplay boot: Amazon

When you have all the things displayed above, you need this knee high leather boot which is identical in color and shape wore by the resident evil ultraviolet Matti Jovovich.

Polarized Mirrored Lens Sunglasses: Amazon

As for the safety purpose she wears eye glass to cover her eyes from the vampire blood during killing them.

spring Airsoft gun: Amazon

Last but not the least with these costume gun you will have Violet Song Jatt Sharif costume. People who are interest in the violet tattoo visit google. Spend some time to take a look in the costume guide of the DC Comic and Marvel Comic characters, click here.