The American Horror Story: Asylum reveals that sister judge was once a philandering night club singer who unintentionally hit and killed a drunk young driving girl which lead her become nun and selected to work at Briarcliff. She features to stark white nun that looks innocent until black tears running out of her eyes. Findurfuture, therefore select this creepy costume for those who might leave last minute and want to scream the world with true spirit of Halloween in scary getup of white nun costume.

How to make a Nun costume? Please be careful because we are not sharing the Unella Shame Nun costume from Game of Thrones, we are displaying the costume accessories of the Nun Halloween costume for those who love to wear scary costume for cosplay at Halloween.

Scary Nun Costume (Shop via Amazon)

There are several American Horror Story connections but we are trying this character from the Asylum costume ideas. Product page contain Asylum Halloween costume for American Horror Story Cosplay but if you are interested you may check little variation in girls nun costume (see variation) to have a perfect scary look.

Scary Nun Makeup Face Paint Black (Shop via Amazon)

After having Nun outfit you required several items for American Horror Story makeup which you may use independently.

White Face Paint (Shop via Amazon)

To make identical facial expression in American Horror Story costumes you also need this white face paint along with the black one which we displayed above.

Ice Metals White Witch Lethal Lipstick (Shop via Amazon)

American Horror Story Merchandise will end with the lethal witch lipstick to make you the real White nun in a scary character. However if you feel inconvenient with the makeup, you may order the White Halloween Mask (Shop via Amazon) from the product page. We also found several searches in combination with the American Horror story gifts which we will soon share in our upcoming article. Including the American Horror Story Characters you are also check the Scary Halloween Costume @findurfuture.