Rick and Morty is an American animated science fiction sitcom based on the cynical misadventure of the made scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith. Rick and Morty episodes revolve around the adventures of the family members of Morty Smith consist of parents Beth, Jerry, summer and Rick Sanchez who lived with them as guest. Besides discussing comedy channel of Rick and Morty, findurfuture love to share the Rick and Morty Costume accessories for the fans and followers.

Viewers are very much thankful to watch Rick and Morty season 3 and further accumulate fan for Rick and Morty cosplay along with other character of the cartoon network Rick and Morty.


In Rick and Morty Cartoon, Rick Sanchez (Justin Roiland) is main character and leading protagonist of the series. He is genius and capable of create complex scientific inventions, get easily bored and uncomfortable with his routine work. He is tall with long legs, grey blue hairs with a bald spot on the back of his head. He used to wear light blue green shirt under his lab coat, to appreciate the Rick and Morty unity scroll down to see the Ricky’s costume.

Rick Sanchez Hair (Shop via Amazon)

Let begin this costume guide with Rick wig which is easily available at the product page, further this sky blue Rick Sanchez wig gives you identical look of the character.

Rick Lab Coat (Shop via Amazon)

Many of the followers search Rick and Morty lab coat; however the lab coat is only wear by the Rick at Rick and Morty time.

Rick Sanchez Shirt (Shop via Amazon)

This shirt is most demanding at Rick and Morty channel as it wore by the one and only Rick in the series. This cool dri t-shirt is available in several colors at the product page.

Rick Cosplay Brunch Brown Pant (Shop via Amazon)

Most of the accessories in this guide will give you opportunity to wear on casual / party / offices after Halloween, so you are not wasting your money in these items.

Military Style Belt (Shop via Amazon)

Rick and Morty belt in black color made with brass buckle and tip, fully adjustable, 54 inches long and canvas material.

Blue Mustache (Shop via Amazon)

Blue Mustache pack of unibrow is available at the product page to have an identical look of the Rick Sanchez for perfect makeup.

Rick Sanchez Cosplay Sneakers (Shop via Amazon)

Finally with the costume boot you have gathered all the accessories of the Rick Sanchez cosplay costume.


Mortimer “Morty” Smith Sr is one of the main protagonists in the Rick and Morty Cartoon. He is the grandson of the Rick Sanchez who often force to tag into his misadventure. He studied at Harry Herpson High School along with his sister Summer. He is young, well mannered but sometimes easily manipulated. He is good listener, follow directions and perfect side kick of the Rick. Given below is the DIY guide of the Morty Halloween costumes.

Morty Costume T-Shirt (Shop via Amazon)

Rick and Morty attire are so demanding as compared to the other character of the Rick and Morty wiki, therefore we display yellow t-shirt to have attractive new Rick and Morty look.

Morty Cosplay Costume Jeans (Shop via Amazon)

If you already have blue jeans at your home than go for it otherwise buy this dark rinse jean as a perfect match for the Rick and Morty Halloween costume.

White Sneaker (Shop via Amazon)

After having this white sneaker you will have all the accessories of the Rick and Morty outfit for cosplay at Halloween. Further, if you are interested in DIY guide of Cartoon and Fariy Tale costumes, Click Here!