Quintus “Quinlan” Sertorius or Mr. Quinlan (Rupert Penry-Jones) is the main protagonist in the Strain TV show. Despite being the son of the master he is a vampire/human hybrid (dhampir) who helps humans to fight vampires’ outbreaks. During the pregnancy of his mother, he was turned by the strigoi but an accident line of the vampire result from him being half strigoi and half-human. He has many attributes of the vampire races but not limited to the vulnerability of sunlight or bloodthirsty. Being the son of the master he also has the ability to link telepathic communication with his father. Cosplayers, who always trying to scream the world must try Quinlan costume this Halloween.

In addition to the Halloween spirit of the scary costumes, findurfuture once again brings the DIY guide for the Strain Quinlan cosplay.

Quint Trench Coat: Amazon

The strain season 4 gathers the attraction of the fans and followers toward Dr Quinlan cosplay; here we began this guide with the single breast light long trench cost.

The Strain The Master Fleece Hoodies: Amazon

Black zip-up hoodie which is most common to wear casually in the winter season. If you already have one doesn’t matter, visit the product page to see the verities of colors available at affordable prices.

Quinlan School of Business Work Pant: Amazon

For rough and tough move and smooth action, the strain cast Quinlan uses this work pant as the secondary part of the costume accessories.

Quinlan Makeup Kit: Amazon

For Quinlan’s appearance including his scars, gray skin, and plate blue eye color you need the zombie makeup kit.

The Strain Cosplay Leather Driving Gloves: Amazon

Still, a few costume accessories are remaining to collect for an identical look of the Quinlan from the Strain show.

Quinlan Boot: Amazon

We bring something very special for the leather lovers in the form of the high quality slightly harness boot which is as similar as wore by the Quinlan in the series.

Quinlan’s Equipment: Amazon

Quinlan is using a bone-handled sword which is unavailable at stores. You need to put some extra effort by cutting the prop bone carefully and fixed it to the handle of a foam prop sword; paint it to look identical an aged bone with scrimshaw marking. If you are not inspired by the Strain rating and want some other ideas of the Halloween Scary Costumes, Click Here!