Firo Prochainezo (Firo Puroshentso) can be compassionate, humorous and surprisingly friendly person, although he is the youngest executive of Manhattan’s Martillo Family Camorra. After accidentally drinking Szilard Quates in November 1930, he completely become immortal at a party celebrated for his own promotion. He is well known manga searcher, in other word anyone who knows anything about Matillos knows well about Firo as violence comes easy to him, in short and highly brutal spurts.

Findurfuture, from the Baccano books and Baccano complete series share the Firo Prochainezo Costume for the cosplayers who are interested in anime cosplay for airplay. So without wasting time scroll down to have all the costume accessories for Baccano cosplay.

Firo Prochainezo Cosplay 2 Piece Suit (Shop via Amazon)

Let’s begin the Baccano light novel with the two piece one button suit in green color that is the main accessory for the Baccano manga cosplay which you may later use as a party wear.

Baccano Calling Dress Shirt (Shop via Amazon)

Being a gentle man he used to wear perfect suiting in the public, therefore people who like to become killer stalker manga Firo must have to cosplay with identical appearance.

Baccano Costume Skinny Suspender (Shop via Amazon)

Baccano merchandise are not limited therefore fans and followers are still collecting several item of Baccano funimation. Firo wear black suspender in the series which are easily available at store.

Baccano Cosplay Firo Hat (Shop via Amazon)

Last but not the least with Firo cosplay hat you have every thing to cosplay the character at Halloween. As all the costume accessories are general therefore it can be use later as party wear. As regards to the costume shoes, you can wear any shoes with the costume during cosplay. If you are interested to visit the Anime and manga costume guide including cartoon and fairy tale costume, Click Here!