Officer Aeryn Sun (Claudia Black) is sebacean by race, Peacekeeper by profession, dedicated, a skilled and highly dangerous soldier in Farscape series. She taught to obey Farscape Peacekeeper doctrine without question; learned many forms of combat and battle strategies at a very early age. When human astronaut John Crichton hurtles through a wormhole into the middle of a Peacekeeper battle, she is excommunicated from the Peacekeepers and joins up with Crichton and a colorful host of other aliens on the living Moya Farscape spacecraft. As befitting her role of soldier and warrior, she dresses in all black.

Findurfuture encourages the Farscape fan club by sharing the Aeryn Sun Costume from the Farscape wiki to become the perfect soldier in town.

Aeryn Sun Cosplay Black Tank Top: Amazon

Instead of Farscape t-shirt; the tank top is an appropriate costume accessory for Aeryn costume. Further, as per your conformability, you may wear aeire bra inside the tank top.

Farscape Hulu Leatherette Legging: Amazon

Being a fitness model and soldier, Aeryn Sun outfit look stunning. We assure you that you look appealing among others.

Aeryn Sun Wig: Amazon

There are several ways to make you black hair wavy as the Claudia have in the Farscape movies. On the contrary, if you don’t have black hairs dye you hairs or by Aeryn Sun hairs from the product page.

Adjustable Tactical Holster: Amazon

Every soldier uses a tactical holster to tie their gun in it; we display it with this DIY guide as one of the main accessories of the Aeryn cosplay. Entire Farscape episodes well describe her work and gathered viewers attention towards the Farscape Moya Model.

Knee-High Boot: Amazon

After having Aeryn Sun boot you will have complete accessories of the Claudia Black cosplay at Halloween. All these items are easily available at the online store, therefore, there is no need to visit any costume shop to arrange any of the item for Halloween cosplay. We have a vast range of DIY guide for Halloween costume related to Marvel Comic, DC Comic and Cartoon & Fairy Tale which you may visit by clicking the given links.