Dr. Evil (Mike Myers) is the main villain in the Austin Powers Trilogy. Doctor Evil is a parody of James Bond movies villain Blofeld and notorious for his nonsensical plans and pinky pose. He’s often accompanied by his miniature clone, Mini-Me. Dr Evil right and routinely hatches schemes to terrorize the world and take over it. He is truly accompanied by Dr Evil cat (Mr. Bigglesworth), eye patch and his sidekicks Mini-Me. Findurfuture, focusing Dr Evil laughing style to share the Dr Evil costume for the cosplayers who want to cosplay unique characters that are out of the screen but still live in the hearts of the fans.

Accessories required for the DIY guide of the Dr Evil suits are easily available at any costume shop online.

Austin Powers Dr Evil Outfit: Amazon

To collect the costume accessories of the disguised man buy Dr Evil shirt, pant and latex bald cap at the product page in a single order.

Dr Evil Make up Blad Cap Complete Kit: Amazon

After having Doctor Evil coat and other accessories if you are satisfied with the bald cap included in the deal with the Doctor Evil Costume and no further makeup required, then it is okay otherwise we displayed the complete kit for a perfect appearance of the Drevill.

Evil Liar Modeling Wax Flesh Color: Amazon

Dr Evil Cosplayer had already noticed the cut mark on the right side of the Austin Power one million dollar Dr’s face, therefore, you need the wax flash to make such an identical mark at face during cosplaying this character.

Dr Evil Shoes: Amazon

However, he is a villain not in comparison with Resident Evil but he always wants to hear the spy who loved me, i.e. although having super villain ability he wears simple white shoes in contrast with his outfit.

Mini Grey Suit Costume: Amazon

If you are planning to wear Dr Evil Halloween costume with your kid than mini grey suit will be more appropriate to make him Dr Evil sidekick to cosplay Evil shark in pair.

Dr Evil Ring: Product Page

Being a unique style and nature of the ring it is available at the selected store with affordable prices. Hey, don’t forget to follow Dr Evil fingerstyle during cosplay.

Doctor Evil Cat: Amazon

Dr Evil dollars are valueless in comparison with the evil cat to whom he loves a lot. Without this prop, Dr Evil Jerry Springer is nothing. Instead of displaying Austin Powers laser; we displayed prop cat as the costume of accessories of character. People who are interested in the movie costumes including 007 movies are always welcome to visit our collection of DIY costume guide.