Fubuki (Saori Hayami / Laura Post) is the sister of Tatsumaki (Aoi Yuki / Marieve Herington) and a B-Class hero in the universe of the One-Punch Man. She is very much confident and having no doubt on her abilities. Fubuki Shirou’s hero training and psychic powers earned her the name Blizzard of Hell; and she takes her to the advancement in the realm of heroes very, very seriously. She is conscious about her appearance therefore be sure for proper effect of Fubuki Costume you should wear the fur coat draped over your shoulders and not as a jacket.

Findurfuture will share other character of the One-Punch Man costume from the entire One-Punch Man series. But now scroll down to have your own Fubuki One Punch Man costume.

1 Punch Fubuki Wig: Amazon

Let’s begin this costume guide with the Fubuki hairs which you will find in green color at the Amazon store. This will make you One Man Punch anime similar with the character.

Kantai Collection Fubuki Pearl Necklace: Amazon

Fubuki in One Punch Man, most demanding manga series wear the pearl necklace as shown above however if you are interested to collect different style don’t forget to hit the product page.

One Punch Anime Dark Green Maxi Dress: Amazon

You will see collection of our party wears for all type of occasions and nights you are celebrating with your friends. But for now buy this green dress as the mandatory item of Fubuki outfit.

Man Punching Fubuki Coat: Amazon

You will see her in unique style as a Blizzard of Hell in entire gang; either you read One Punch Man comic or watch One Punch Man show as well as in One Punch Man season 2. So get ready yourself to be alike One Punch Man Japanese female character having identical skills and power.

Fubuki Alpha Knee High Boot: Amazon

Last but not the least with these Fubuki boots you have collected the entire item required for the Fubuki cosplay. If you like this guide, kindly hit like button and share it you’re your friends and family; so that they will also get benefit of our collection. Check more ideas of Manga and Anime costume by click here.