After sharing DIY Rabbit Rider costume with our reader we would like to work more to share the costume accessories for other Fortnite costumes. Fortnite Power Chord brings on noise complaints with the ferocious pink outfit. Now its time to show your punky side with this legendary skin that features the six string back bling and a tank top that’s apparently been tattered in countless battle royales. Scroll down to have all the accessories in your bucket.

Guitar Chord Black Punk Headband (Shop via Amazon)

Power Chords black headband is easily available at the product page with 100% brand new and high quality product. It is available in unique design and fashion style which gives you futuristic look.

Power Chord Wig (Shop via Amazon)

For Power Chord cosplay you need an identical Power Chord hair which in pink color in the Fortnite game.

A Chord Guitar Fishnet Long Sleeves T-Shirt (Shop via Amazon)

Hottest item from the Power Chord outfit, that gives you the sexiest look among other ladies who are cosplaying at Halloween.

Powerchords Graophic Tank Top (Shop via Amazon)

Usually Power Chord wear this tank top on the fishnet t-shirt to introduce sometime unique to this fashionable world, Further, you can crop it the identical size that power chord wear in the fortnite PS4.

Fortnite Xbox One Chord Purple Legging (Shop via Amazon)

Gaming companies are focusing these day on the outfit of the character that will attract the gamer toward skills and look of the player therefore you need this purple legging as one of the main item from the list.

Fortnite Video Game Kick Boxing Gloves (Shop via Amazon)

With leather gloves you are about to cracked all the Fortnite code to gather the costume accessories as suggested in this article.

Fortnite Gameplay Pink Wrist Band (Shop via Amazon)

Fortnite Wiki best describe all the characters in comparison with their skills and power. We preferred pink wrist band to wear along with all above items.

Forte Night Black Military Belt (Shop via Amazon)

Tactical belt features a military buckle made from heavy-duty metal and a convenient V-ring for attachment of gears and accessories. It can be widely used for military training or outdoor camping expedition.

Right Handed Leg Holster (Shop via Amazon)

To cosplay this Fortnite character you need to buy only right leg holster as displayed above. However if you already have this item no need to buy it at this moment.

Woman Military Boot (Shop via Amazon)

Play fortnite with full concentration to become a successful player in world of gamers, many players search fortnite key but right now we are selecting the Black Military boot which are specially designed for ladies.

Green Boot Shoes Lace (Shop via Amazon)

Black Boot contains black lace therefore to make your boot identical with the character you required the green lace displayed above.

Power Chord Guitar (Shop via Amazon)

Last but not the least after collecting Fortnite guitar you will have all the accessories of the Fortnite Power Chord Costume. If like this guide doesn’t forget to hit like button and also share this article with your family and friends so they may also get benefit from our collection. Further click here to check DIY guide of the other gaming costumes.