Fortnite, is set in contemporary Earth, where in 98 % population are disappeared due to sudden cause of world wide storm and zombie like creature rise to attack the remaining humans. Fornite game is based on four players working on various missions according to their skills and defensive strategies to protect survivors from the deadly creature. Previously we share Rabbit Raider costume and Power Chord costume with our readers and now you can manage your own Survival Specialist costume by taking a few simple steps as given below.

Fortnite Gameplay Baseball Cape (Shop via Amazon)

Let’s begin this Fortnite costume guide for Survival specialist cosplay with baseball cape in black color, however if you are interested to see more collection visit the product page.

Fortnite PS4 Skull Tank Top (Shop via Amazon)

Fortnite Survival Specialist wore black skull tank top therefore we displayed almost identical designed tank top. This design is also available in Red and Light Gray color at the product page.

Fortnite Video Game Digital Camo Pant (Shop via Amazon)

Being a survivor specialist, she used to wear camouflage pant during stunt and fighting with the storm which makes her rough and tough.

Fortnite Code Fingerless Gloves (Shop via Amazon)

People who visit gym daily must have finger-less gloves at their home otherwise you have to buy this item to cosplay games com with true spirit and courage.

Game Nite Tactical Duty Belt (Shop via Amazon)

Military belt are available in number of colors at the product page but you need the black to have identical look of the character.

Fortnite Heroes Right handed Leg Holster (Shop via Amazon)

Like Power Chord, she also uses right handed holster to carry a single weapon with her. She is very confident and expert in her job.

Epic Forts Combat Boot (Shop via Amazon)

How to get fortnite key? is the general searches you may find at the Google but here we want to have identical combat boot that Survival Fortnite wear in the game.

Play Update Silver Shoelaces (Shop via Amazon)

Survival Specialist from fortnite always wear silver shoelaces in her boot to have unique look among other superheroes of the survival games PC.

Forts Game Knee Pad and Shin Protector (Shop via Amazon)

Last but not the least after having knee pad and shin protector you are now collected all the accessories for the Survival Specialist cosplay. If you like this DIY guide and want to see our collection of other Game Con, Click Here!