Millions of people are ready to cosplay this year at Halloween in their respective theme and costumes. You can grasp ideas for the DIY costume guide of new characters that are already introduced in the social media recently including game cons. Fortnite video game has core description about how to play fortnite with the help and support of different players according to their survival skill and defensive strategies. In Fortnite, Raptor is a Royal Air Force test pilot. As you can see from his skin, is he ready to handle anything, equipped with everything from a headset for comms to a shovel to dig holes. Scroll down to collect all the accessories of the Raptor Costume.

Fortnite PC Raptor Head Phone: Amazon

Fortnite PS4 One Hole Ski Mask: Amazon

Pilot Bomber Jacket Fortnite Origin : Amazon
Raptor Cosplay Olive Green Tee: Amazon

Play Fortnite Cotton Rip BDU Pant: Amazon

Fortnite XBox One Leather Gauntlet Gloves: Amazon

Fortnite Gameplay Combat Belt: Amazon

Tactical Knee Pad Fortnite Code: Amazon

Fortnite Beta Tactical Leg Strap: Amazon

Raptor Cosplay Costume Boot: Amazon

Gold and Tan Nylon Boot Shoelaces: Amazon

Fortnite Heroes Green Military Hiking Backpack: Amazon

Fortnite Battle Royale Raptor Shovel: Amazon

After having all the accessories of Raptor from Fortnite costumes you are ready to cosplay the character at Halloween. People who are addicted of games are the one who are living alive with the game con therefore they have an ample opportunity to get maximum benefit of our DIY guides of several gaming characters. If you like this guide don’t forget to hit the like button in the left corner of this article and also share it with your friends and family who want to cosplay gaming character at Halloween.