Resident Evil (Biohazard), own by Japanese Video Game Company Capcom, based on series of survival horror games, films, animations, comic books, novels and merchandise etc. Resident Evil franchise best describe outbreak of the zombies and other monster created mainly under the research zone of the Umbrella Corporation.  Resident Evil games first release in 1996 with series of action, zombies and adventures. Later Resident Evil games had summarized the entire story of the series to the viewer including gamers.

Findurfuture, in accumulation of DIY of the gaming characters collect accessories of the Resident Evil costumes for fan and followers. This article contain DIY of several characters of the Resident Evil series, games and movies. Scroll down to grab this collection.


Leon S Kennedy is a secret agent for the U.S. Federal government to rescue the daughter of President from sinister cult in Spain. He is the main protagonist in the game and uncovered an ancient conspiracy possibly linked to his greatest foe, Wesker. Leon Kennedy appears in Residential Evil 2 and later in Residential Evil 4 which was like and followed by number of fans.

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In Capcom survival horror game Resident Evil 2, Leon S. Kennedy is one of the protagonists. Leon Resident Evil is a rookie cop who spends his first day in the Raccoon City Police Department fighting hoards of zombies and trying to escape with the help of Claire Redfield.

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Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory) is an explosive expert who worked with the Raccoon Police Department and the U.S. Army. She was the first female character in the survival horror games. In Re3: Nemesis, she was forced to partner with an ex-member of the Umbrella Corporation to escape the Raccoon City prior a nuke strikes it.

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In the First Installment of the Resident Evil movies, Rain Ocampo (Michelle Rodriguez) is the special force commando for the Umbrella Corporation. During the outbreak hive, she along with other operative sends down into the underground facility to bring the T-Virus. Red Queen later cloned her for the experimentation. In the first movie, she wears thick long-sleeved tactical gear that comes in handy when zombies are after her flesh.

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Alice (Milla Jovovich) is a covert security officer in the movie Resident Evil who placed in a mission to guard the emergency exit of the Umbrella Corporation’s Bio-weaponry facility called The Hive. In the first installment she suffers from amnesia for most of the film, gradually regaining memories as she fights to survive a zombie-infested Hive in Raccoon City. This guide covers her iconic first film outfit, a red dress with combat boots.

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Albert Wesker (voice by Sergio Jones / Richard Waugh / Peter Jessop / D. C. Douglas) is the main antagonist in the Resident Evil complete collection. He is the head of the Resident Evil Umbrella Corporation, the company that produces Zombie virus and help aid Saddler’s parasite cult in Resident Evil 4. To seek his own glory he betrayed a pormer partner of protagonist Chris and Jill Valentine.

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Spence Parks (James Purefoy) wakes with his cover-wife Alice inside the mansion with no memories who he is. He is a covert security guard for the Umbrella Corporation to protect the emergency exit of a facility called The Hive. From there he embarks on a whirl-wind adventure in the film Resident Evil, battling zombies and slowly coming to remember his past  and what he’s done. He dresses simply in a tee and jeans, but you can make it pop with some fake blood and a few zombie bite marks.

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In Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Jack baker (Jack Brand / Kazuhiro Yamaji) is the antagonist and the head of the Baker family. He is a highly sadistic individual that stalks the player, murdering many over the years while under the influence of evil forces.

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With this entire collection DIY costume of the Resident Evil series you have many choices to select the character to cosplay at Halloween. To check costume guide of the other gaming characters, Click Here!