In the  2017 adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express, Mr. Gerhard Hardman (Willem Dafoe) is a stern German professor. He is suspicious of his fellow passengers aboard the Orient Express, unfortunately his presence on the train ensures that no outsiders are wrongly accused of the crime. Among other Murder on the Orient Express cast, findurfuture, love to share the Gerhard Hardman costume to accumulate our collection of Murder on the Orient Express costume.

Start scrolling to grab all the costume accessories for the Gerhard Hardman cosplay at Halloween, however, as we discussed earlier that most of the Orient Express movie character outfit are usual which you may also wear after Halloween.

Murder on the Train Double Breasted Suit Jacket (Shop via Amazon)

Lets begin this costume DIY with the Double breasted Gray blazer suit which one of preferable item for the winter season and may also use several times in several occasions.

N or M Gray Dress Pants (Shop via Amazon)

Every single cosplayer is willing purchase all the item from the Halloween shop, therefore, in this article we are doing the same job, so that you can collect all the accessories at your finger tip. Further, this item is imported, dry clean only, tapered through the thigh and legs and sit lower on the waist.

Murder on the Express Olive Green Suit Vest (Shop via Amazon)

In Orient Express film, Mr. Hardman wore this olive green vest among other attire therefore you have to buy this item from the Amazon Store soon before it is getting out of the stock.

White Dress Shirt (Shop via Amazon)

Gentleman always have white shirt in their collection of suits, however, if you don’t have white shirt in your collection buy this one to get the Orient Express tickets from the Halloween store.

Cotton Skinny Necktie (Shop via Amazon)

Every single product from the death on the Orient Express will give you unique style and identical look of character therefore don’t start search the Murder on the Orient Express murderer during cosplay with in this outfit.

Round Wire Rim Glasses (Shop via Amazon)

To disclose mystery on the Orient Express you need this Gerhard Harman glasses, further this metal frame contain plastic non polarize lenses.

Wing Tip Oxford Shoes  (Shop via Amazon)

After having this Oxford shoes, you are followed the Murder on the Orient Express theme and have all the costume accessories of the Orient movie in your bucket. Do you like to see more costume DIY? Click Here to visit our collection gaming costume for Halloween Cosplay.