Jessica Rabbit is the Club Singer in Who Censored Roger Rabbit? and a human toon wife in the Roger Rabbit movies. Jessica Rabitt’s sultry style translates into the real world. Miss rabbit is also known for the quote “I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way.” A red sequined dress paired with long purple gloves is likely to make a few jaws drop. Top the look off with red lipstick and people may even let you get away with marrying a rabbit. Then again, this isn’t Toontown. Given below are the Jessica Rabbit Costume DIY for Halloween.

Jessica Rabbit Wig (Shop via Amazon)

Lets began this costume guide with the Jessica Rabbit hair which gives her most beautiful and charming look along with Jessica Rabbit make up. If you have long hair and interested to dye your hair in red color to have perfect look than it will your choice to follow the Jessica Rabbit hairstyle.

Jessica Rabbit Red Dress (Shop via Amazon)

For Jessica Rabbit Cosplay, you must have this Jessica Rabbit outfit in your bucket. This  Stunning Dress will not only make you Jessica Rabbit hot but also use in Pageants, Christmas Party, Evening , Prom, Wedding Party ,Bridesmaid, New Year Eve, Halloween Masquerade or Other Formal Occasions.

Jessica Rabbit Gloves (Shop via Amazon)

Along with Jessica Rabbit dress you will have to collect the purple satin long gloves from the product page at Amazon store.

Jessica Rabbit Shoes (Shop via Amazon)

Roger Rabbit wife have signature style as red dress cartoon with red hottie stiletto, therefore you must have identical accessories to look real life Jessica Rabbit during cosplay the character.

Jessica Rabbit Dress Up Red Lipstick (Shop via Amazon)

In this Hedi Klum Jessica Rabbit costume guide we suggest you to collect shocking red lipstick for the stunning look of the Jessica Rabbit model. This item is supposed to be the mandatory merchandise for Jessica Rabbit Halloween cosplay.

Roger Rabbit Girl Blue Eye Shadow (Shop via Amazon)

After having all these accessories you are ready to cosplay the Roger Rabbit Jessica cartoon. Along with the Jessica Rabbit Costume dress and other accessories to create Jessica Rabbit art we invite you visit Cartoon and Fairy Tale Costumes for more Halloween ideas.