There are several gaming characters are available for cosplay & Halloween; findurfuture always select the new and the most demanding character for our readers and followers. In this article, we accumulate our collection of the Fortnite Costume by adding fortnite heroes i.e. Skull Trooper skin from the Fortnite: Battle Royale. He is already introduced in the Fortnitemares 2017 updated; made combat in Season 5. The Harvesting Tool that goes with it known as The Reaper and can be easily substituted with a scythe for your Halloween costume!

Fortnite Games Skeleton Lycra Suit (Amazon)

Lets began this costume guide with the skull suit which is breathable lycra, zipper back and stretchy to fit most builds. It is available in nine different sizes and 30 different colors at the Halloween Store.

Fortnight Skeleton Makeup Kit (Amazon)

To crack the fortnite codes, you got everything in this package you need to create this look; follow the instructions as given with the kit.

Lycra Spandex Zentai Hood Mask (Amazon)

The white open face is the most required costume accessory for the Skull Trooper from Fortnite cosplay; there is more than 30 other zentai hood mask with different style, color and sizes are available at our Amazon Store.

Fortnite PS4 Black Tactical Pant (Amazon)

To play fortnite skull trooper it is highly recommended to wear this black tactical pant over the skull suit as shown above. Smart pockets are available in the cargo pant to put electronic gadget, rifle or gun, etc.

Epic Games Fortnite Textile Fabric Paint (Amazon)

If you can manage with the Skull Trooper outfit; no need to buy cargo pant and the textile white paint. Both of these accessories are given to have an identical look of fortnight game skull trooper.

Epic Fortnite Military Style Heavy Duty Belt (Amazon)

For Fortnite Gameplay, you need this tactical heavy duty belt which is made with nylon and comfortable for use. Forgot to order cargo pant as fortnight clothing; you can’t manage this belt along with other accessories.

Fortnite PC Waist Bag (Amazon)

The pouch is friendly, durable and best to carry several products like Phone, Camera, Key, Wallet, Pen, Knife, Notebook, Small Tool, Passport, Small Accessories, Cigarette and Even Can Be A Holster. Visit the product page to check the entire feature of this product.

Full Finger Tactical Gloves (Amazon)

Fortnight video game cosplay requires this black full finger tactical gloves to add more accuracy in the skull trooper Fortnite costume.

Desert Keffiyeh Thickened Scarf (Amazon)

Every fortnight accessories have their unique importance and qualities. The scarf made with 100% Cotton to make scarves comfortable, breathable, warm. It is good to protect your face and neck from sun, wind, and sand efficiently. It works well as winter head wears; in areas with snow and strong winds. 

Fortnite XBX One US Army Dog Tag (Amazon)

Two-pieces metal Military Army Dog Tag Pendant / Necklace available with the 28 inches Ball Chain at the Halloween costume store

Fortnite Key GI Type Jungle Boot (Amazon)

Every 3D game provides some technical codes; that player may win the game through an easy level. Displayed Military boot is termed as a fortnite code generator for the cosplayers.

Fortnite Giveaway Scythe (Amazon)

After having sickle accessory in your bucket you have collected all the item for skull trooper cosplay. We invite you to visit and see our entire collection of gaming costume for more Halloween Costume ideas.