Xena (Lucy Lawless) is the main protagonist in the Xena series; the basis on her formidable fighting skills and to help people. Viewers who already watch Xena Warrior Princess complete series; well aware of Xena’s past and her family hierarchy. Later Xena TV show made a situation for her to join with Gabrielle in a small town bard. They both go in the ancient mythological world to fight against the ruthless warlords and gods. They both have separate identities and skills to deal with their enemies but they seem to be best friends forever. Scroll down to grab all the accessories and merchandise of Xena Warrior Princess costume for cosplay and Halloween.

Xena Cosplay Wig: Amazon

Let’s collect Xena costume accessories with the Xena hairs which are long and black in color. A cosplayer who already have black hairs or they are ready to dye their hairs, no need to add this item in your bucket. However, this article is the easiest way to have identical Xena look within your budget.

Xena Warrior Costume: Amazon

You may cart sexy Xena costume from our Amazon store; includes Xena dress, wrist guards, headband, armbands and matching Xena warrior princess boot covers, etc.

Xena Chakram: Amazon

Xena outfit includes Xena armors that she carried for her safety and to fight with her enemies. We found two different types of Xena Warrior Princess cosplay chakram from different sources; one is shown above and the other you may find an identical prop of Xena Chakram at eBay. You have the option to select one fall into your budget.

Princess Xena Sword: Amazon

Every single accessory of the Xena Warrior Princess Halloween Costume is easily available in just one click. Therefore, you may become stunning within no time just to collect and wear all the merchandise of the Xena cosplay costumes.


Including accessories of Xena warrior princess outfit, you will like other Xena merchandise as displayed below. These merchandise are not limited to items as shown below you may find the vast range of princess costumes around the globe.

Xena Warrior Princess T-Shirt: Amazon

Not only ladies but man are also the true followers of this character but how they may show their love and affection towards the character, therefore, grab this printed cotton T-shirt for you to gift you boyfriend, brother or even father who is the fan of this character and will be very grateful if you gift such a nice item to them.

New Xena Coffee Mug: Amazon

Inspiration will higher after Xena reboots so we decided to share such an attractive coffee mug which you may order for yourself or to gift to someone special on several occasions like St. Patrick’s Day, Birthday, Thanksgiving day, etc.

Unisex Xena Warrior Princes Shirt: Amazon

Never under-estimate Xena power is the slogan for those people who think that Xena being a fictional character can’t perform such an act which she is doing in the Xena series. You will find three different colors on the product page including the one shown above.

Xena Superhero Hoodie: Amazon

You will look pretty within the lovely hoodie which is made with 100% high-quality material and you definitely feel special softness & also fall in love with it.

Mouse Mat Lucy Lawless Now: Amazon

Here comes the best item for the Lucy Lawless love other than the Xena cosplay costume. Mouse mat took from the original drawing by John Sutton and it contains his signature.

Xena Movie Inspired Tanktop: Amazon

The best item to wear in summer, inspired by the lovely character for all of us. It is fashionable and makes you feel good and energetic for the whole day.

Xena and Gabrielle Wall Clock: Amazon

Friendship of Xena and Gabrielle is outstanding as they love each other, care for each other, and shed the last drop of blood for each other therefore we feel that this item is the best example of friendship and respect.

Xena Lock Leather Cord Bracelet: Amazon

To feel proud we suggest you have a leather cord bracelet; gives you identical inspiration and courage to face the consequences in your life. We hope you like this article and definitely share it with your friends and family. Including this article, you are deeply invited to visit our collection of Gaming costumes.