New Shazam Movie 2019 based on DC Comic character Shazam with similar name, abilities, and skills. Billy Batson (Asher Angel) is a 14 years old orphan transported into the diverse monarchy. An ancient wizard grants him the power to transform into a superhero by speaking the word “Shazam”. Billy aka Shazam (Zachary Levi) later discovers the depth of his power and understands how to use it against Dr. Thaddeus Sivana. Scroll down to grab the Merchandise and Shazam Costume accessories before you spell those magic words.

Shazam Cosplay Costume
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Superhero Halloween costumes are found in two different varieties of Shazam superhero outfit at the product page so you have to decide whether you like to order this item with a white cloak or without.

Justice League Shazam Boot
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Followers who are not satisfied with the boot covers included in the package above may order identical costume boot for Shazam apparel.

Shazam Costume for Kids
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Shazam’s search reveals that kids are very much inspired by the character who has superhuman abilities alike Flash, Superman, and Captain Marvel, etc.

Shazam Symbol Mary Costume
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The costume contains a dress, boot cover, gauntlet, and cape, etc. Now, this is the right time that you allow your kids to feel Shazam power in the Shazam bolt costume.

Billy Batson Costume Jacket
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My Shazam costume is identical in demand as compared to the Shazam leather jackets. For cosplay purposes you may also include Shazam T-Shirt, Shazam tights, Shazam Waistband, and Shazam Cape to complete the attire, costume boots are already shown above.


Shazam gratis has been discovered by the DC Universe and we are continuing their task to share the most demanding Shazam movie merchandise which is easily available at the comic stores.

The Shazam Logo Cap
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Summer is about to start therefore we suggest this DC merchandise for you to add into your collection of Shazam hero.

Unisex Shazam Shirt
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Inspired with Shazam DC movie we have discovered comic clothing for man, woman, and youth, cart this Shazam DC shirt to look attractive during summer days.

Shazam Sweatshirt
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Almost winter is gone but this Shazam hoodie is outstanding as per its design and color, therefore we have shown such an item in this article so that you may also have an opportunity to buy this item as the Shazam costume.

Superman Shazam Mug
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Shazam comic magic mug is the right item to gift someone special however Shazam bolt design mug is available at the Amazon Store.

Shazam Infant Snapsuit
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Dc comic t-shirt for infants is available in a comic clothing store so parent makes you little ones eye-catching in this attire.

Comic Clothing Shazam Socks
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Shazam wiki truly describes the features and powers of this new character which is in real 14/15 years old kid.

Billy Bartson Hoodie
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Billy Bartson jacket, inspired by the Shazam film in the 3D print design is available at the product page in two different designs. Hit the product page to select the one which looks wonderful on your body.

Funko shown above belongs to the Shazam team as per Shazam comics. Moreover, to access our numerous collection of the DC Comic costume, click here.