In Fortnite Battle Royale, Scoundrel is an outfit cosmetic item. He is the name of the male version of Epic fortnite as Rapscallion. Fortnite Scoundrel costume themed as criminal outfit featured as long sleeves tee in the black and white stripe. This fortnite skin finds as a jail prisoner. He comes with a complete backpack called strongbox. Scroll down to have entire costume accessories of the Fortnite Scoundrel costume from Epic fornite game. (Related: Ultimate Guide of Fortnite Halloween Costume)

Fortnite Scoundrel Cosplay White Hair Dye (Amazon)

People usually get worried when they hear that they’ll have to apply the dye in their hair for any costume party, drama or concert participation. But now the time has changed and people actually feel relaxed instead of getting tensed when they hear of applying dye because now temporary dyes are also available just like this one in different shades and colors. So if you’re an active fortnite skill, then this will surely prove really handy for you, so get one as soon as possible.

Play Fortnite Beanie Hat (Amazon)

No need to buy this hat from the Halloween store because it is available everywhere easily. This is available in more than 15 colors at the product page at a reasonable price so if you want more than one don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

Fortnite Scoundrel Mask (Amazon)

If you’re planning to wear fortnite scoundrel costume this Halloween then you should buy this Halloween Mask as well to make your costume look complete and be the center of attention at the costume party and you’ll rock the party by winning the prize for sure!

Black and White Stripe Shirt (Amazon)

The product page contains three different styles of strip shirt for Scoundrel fortnite game; black and White full-sleeve casual shirt is a must-have for every individual who loves to cosplay character of fortnite battle royale in Halloween, a cosplay convention, costume parties, meetup plans, etc.

Fortnite Costume Black Cargo Pant (Amazon)

These cargo pants are amazingly cool to wear in all types of weathers, be it summers or winters so you should have a look at these caterpillar pants which are available in many color combinations at the product page.

Anime Costume Shin Guard (Amazon)

These knee pads are of the greatest quality material but they are not at all heavy when you wear them. They won’t make you feel burdened but will surely protect your knees when you play soccer or do skating other than fortnite give away. These can also be called one-time spending because they are quite long-lasting and will go on helping you for years.

Scoundrel Cosplay Mustache (Amazon)

If you’ve already bought the Scoundrel Halloween costume then don’t forget to buy this mustache pack if it’s a part of your epic fortnite costume. This provides you with 10 different types of mustaches that you will want to count on for any costume party, function, drama festival or a concert. These are easy to apply and also easy to remove which people fear will be a big problem; it is not at all a bad option to buy this pack!

Fortnite Gameplay Laptop Backpack (Amazon)

Scoundrel backpack can be used as a laptop bag and travel bag as well. This bag is light in weight; provides you a charging cable which you can use when your phone runs out of battery. This also provides a number of belts and zips to keep the bag secure. Also, this can be used as a backpack for teens.

Fortnite Codes Knit Gloves (Amazon)

Fortnight thread gloves are available for men and women both. Best used in winter and motorbike riding to keep your hands safe and protected from the dust.

Scoundrel Cosplay Costume Military Boot (Amazon)

9-inch men boots are a great choice to make for your winter shoe collection; it is lightweight but excellent quality after having fortnite codes to cosplay this character at Halloween. They have great gripping power which helps you in hike, camps or treks. You must buy these boot because of the quality as well as considering fortnite key to look alike the character you are cosplaying. Now, you have all the accessories of the Scoundrel costume; Click here! for couple Halloween costumes and more costume ideas.