Solo: A Star Wars Story portrayed by Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo; played by Harrison Ford in Star wars beginning series. The movie based on the friendship of two main Star Wars characters; Han Solo and Chewbacca. They both explore the adventure for the new hope with the Criminal Underworld. Han Solo is the most popular character of the Star Wars series with Chewbacca and Princess Leia Organa. Get ready to grab all the accessories of Solo A Star Wars Story costume from Star Wars collection.

Han Solo Jacket (Amazon)

The suede leather jacket is comfortable, breathable, and easy to wear; multiple pockets and modern style will make you adorable during Halloween parties and casual as well. Han Solo Jacket form the Star Wars merchandise will be a perfect Han Solo cosplay costume to be look-alike him.

Solo Story Han Solo Movie Gloves (Amazon)

Star wars suit of Han Solo includes these leather gloves which are made up of extremely soft material which makes your hands feel warm and soft. Though gloves are worn in winters; people who’ve already bought these gloves cannot drive a single day without these gloves on! They’ve become so habitual of wearing these that they can’t go a day without them. Besides these accessories, people are crazy in search of Han Solo wig and Han Solo ship which is no more required for the Han Solo costume.

Navy Han Solo Shirt Cosplay (Amazon)

Long sleeves that are rolled up to look superb on men especially when they are kept still by the help of the button and its hole. Try these attractive colored shirts which are available in a variety of colors and at such an affordable price. Also if you want to complete Han solo Star Wars Halloween costume then buy Navy Blue color else any other color which you like!

Han Solo Pants (Amazon)

To complete the set of Han Solo star wars costume you’ll have to buy this black slim dress pant which is made up of 100% cotton material. The best part is that you can use these pants for casual and business wear both!

Starwars Han Solo Belt (Amazon)

Han solo cosplay costume includes this brown stylish belt. It is made up of leather and is of high quality which you can also use other than wearing it with the cosplay costume. Whether you selecting women Han Solo costume or men Han solo holster along with this belt be a part of the Star Wars Han Solo costume.

Solo Movie Han Solo Blaster (Amazon)

Star Wars Han solo costume includes this blaster which is a prop and it plays an equally important role in completing the costume as other things. It makes funny blaster sounds. It is available in blue and orange colors but for Han solo Halloween costume, buy the one in orange color. This can later be used as a toy!

Han Solo Boots (Amazon)

Star Wars Princess Leia and Han Solo be the best couple in the Star Wars series. Hans costume includes these black boots. These are made of faux leather and are also available in brown color. But by the black colored to make them go with your costume.


You don’t need to worry if you don’t want to buy the Han Solo Costume. You can also buy these cool solo merchandise for daily fashion if you’re a true fan of Han Solo Star Wars.

Solo A Star Wars Story Qira Leather Jacket (ebay)

Don’t think that this is an odd-sized jacket. It is particularly made short in length for fashion style and looks absolutely cool when you wear it! Try this new stylish jacket this winter season! Instead of female Han Solo costume try this Qira Jacket for womens Star Wars costumes.

Solo Film Smuggler’s Dice (Amazon)

Looking for something to hang in your car’s cockpit? Try these gold plated 2 dice which are connected with the help of a chain. Besides Star Wars uniform it is the best item for you star wars collection.

Qira Shirt For Solo Wardrobe (Amazon)

Solo a starwars story costume does not include this shirt but you can buy this one as casual wear which will look really nice on you! Pair it up with blue or brown jeans and it will look superb!

Star Wars Costumes Jacket (Amazon)

This men’s jacket is two in one from the Star Wars outfit collection. You can wear this formally or casually as you like because it can be used as both! And the best thing is that the black leather jacket can be paired up with any shirt and jeans!

Han Solo Vest (ebay)

Star wars outfit doesn’t include this item in its costume but you can buy it because of its cute style. It’s a vest styled-jacket wore by Han Solo in the star wars series which looks so cute when you wear it. Please be conscious it will never make you a part of Star Wars 6.

Han Solo Outfit Inspired Kisslock Bag (Amazon)

This is an official Han Solo Kisslock bag which will enhance your beauty and will portray you as a true fan of Han Solo. Try this handbag and beautify yourself! Click Here to see more Disney Halloween Costumes.