In the Star Wars trilogy, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) is the main protagonist and an important asset in the Rebel Alliance’s tug of war against the Galactic Empire. Luke Skywalker is in demand by the massive fan of Star Wars and the nerd culture. Start scrolling to collect Luke suit that we have seen in the Star Wars movies.


Star Wars Luke Skywalker Wig: Amazon

This wig will for sure make you look like Luke as it’s the same exact wig. The things that you need to cap in mind is that when you take this wig out of the packaging, you will have to make it a little fluffy when you wear it. The easy option to make it look fluffy is to wear a shower cap underneath it so that it gives a real hairstyle look. You can also use it with other costumes!

Luke Skywalker Costume: Amazon

Luke skywalker outfit is now available for all Luke’s lovers. Get the whole outfit at such an affordable price and rock the upcoming Halloween party. This suite includes a white tunic top cinched at the waist by a removable utility belt with a pouch, cream pants, and boot covers made to look like wrapped bandages.

Luke Skywalker Boots: Amazon

Luke skywalker boots also known as cow suede boots are an important part of Skywalker’s costume. Get these amazing grey-colored suede shoes and pair them up with a combination of other colors!

Luke Skywalker Lightsaber: Amazon

Star Wars props include this lightsaber. This can also be used as a toy for kids as it displays lights and you can hear the sounds as well. But be careful if you buy the other blades, they might hurt the kids! Be safe!


Luke Skywalker Jacket: Amazon

Luke Skywalker Jacket is a stylish jacket that will help you rock any party you go to. This is a new and luke’s style! Its material is the cotton fabric that won’t annoy you in summers or winters either!

Luke Skywalker Halloween Costume: Amazon

Star Wars Halloween costume is an amazing choice for a Halloween & cosplay, photoshoot or any other party in which you ould love to be the center of attention. This amazing suit is available in 2 colors i.e. white and black. We also provide the option of custom made in which you’ll be telling us your measurements and will get a perfect measurement suit for your size!

Luke Skywalker Black Costume Gloves: Amazon

Looking for stylish leather gloves? Here they are! You have 3 amazing and most-wanted colors in option i.e brown, white and black. These are quite suitable to even use for driving purposes and also to help you complete Luke’s costume.

Star Wars Skywalker Boots: Amazon

Get these amazing knee-length faux-leathered boots with a side zip closure to complete you Skywalker costume this Halloween. You can also use these boots later on with other costumes and not get your money wasted. We have 2 colors in option for you i.e. brown and black.

Star Wars Lightsaber: Amazon

This prop of star wars battles is a must to give a complete look of your costume. This is in green color and is also extendable. Just a flick and it’ll extend!


Luke Skywalker Empire Strike Back Jacket: Amazon

Get this amazing denim jacket and wear it almost everywhere including business, casual or formal events. It provides a button/zip closure. Also, it has numerous pockets to keep your belongings safe. You will for sure become the center of attention when you wear this! recommended item for Star Wars gifts.

Star Wars Costumes Trouser: Amazon

You can pair up these military pants with any of your shirts and be the cool person among all! Please note that the belt is not included that is shown in the picture. Also, the material is cotton which will make you feel comfortable!


Luke Skywalker The Force Awakens Costume: Amazon

Officially licensed costume from the last Jadi. You will find a complete set along with Luke Skywalker robe at the product page. Now, you have several choices for Skywalker outfit as compared to Chewbacca, Yoda, R2D2 and Princess Leia costume. We are pretty much sure that Halloween is full of Star Wars characters in the Star Wars ship to collect the blessing of Star Wars Christmas collection. Stay with us for Halloween costume ideas regarding Disney Costumes!