Vergil is the son of demon Sparda and human Eva and a twin brother of the Dante. He is one of the main antagonists in the Devil May Cry series. Vergil is the opposite version of his brother with rejecting humanity and accept demonism. To obtain the power of his father he is willing to do anything in his quest. Vergil in DMC 5 is the true rival of his brother in terms of moves and appearance. Scroll below to see the entire collection of the Devil May Cry Vergil costume for Halloween and cosplay.

DMC V Vergil Wig: Amazon

Vergil from Devil May Cry 5 is an upgraded version of his appearance in the entire series. His hairstyle varies according to his appearance in the different episodes of the Devil May Cry series.

Devil May Cry Vergil Costume: Amazon

DMC 5 Vergil is more energetic and powerful, therefore, you need to wear the one shown above to look alike him. You will find a complete set of DMC Devil May Cry Vergil costumes at the product page.

Vergil DMC5 Japanese Katana: Amazon

Replica sword is the required prop when you are planning to cosplay a character from the anime or manga series. This 27-inch katana is valuable and acceptable DMC merchandise for all types of Vergil costume.

DMC Vergil Costume Gloves: Amazon

To hold such a heavy sword, most of the anime characters wear fingerless gloves. You are not wasting your money on such a nice product because it may later be used in the workout or biker gloves.

Vergil Cosplay Boots: Amazon

Finally, with the Vergil cosplay costume shoes, you have collected all the Devil May Cry merchandise belonging to the Vergil demon. We have still some items to share with you alongside DMC 5 costume. Keep scrolling!

Black Vergil Costume: Amazon

The attire your choice must be according to the willingness of yours. Gloves, shoes and other accessories are same as shown the Vergil outfit above.

Devil May Cry 3 Vergil Costumes: Amazon

DMC3 and DMC4 Vergil costume are identical, therefore, be wise while selecting the Devil May Cry costumes for Amazon Store. We have a core collection of the Halloween costume ideas for gaming cosplayer.