Teenage superheroes mostly acted as sidekicks of the DC’s premier; gather together in American Comic book published by DC Comics as the Teen Titans. Several teen superheroes; discontinued and reshaped by the Teen Titans cartoon network series and comic. Start scrolling to grab accessories of your favorite character of Teen Titans Halloween costume.


Raven (Tara Strong) the half-human and half-demon arise from the Azarath. To protect Jump City from villains she uses her power of astral projection, empathic healing, and teleportation. Raven Teen Titans Halloween Costume requires a bit of DIY to replicate Raven Cloak pin; jeweled sleeves modify the necklace into the belt. We made it very simple for the Raven costume titans cosplay by selecting single-window Raven superhero costume buying.

Raven Teen Titans Wig: Amazon

Raven DC costume is initiated with the purple wig as the identity in the teen titans complete series. It is comfortable and made with high-quality material.

Raven Cosplay Costume: Amazon

A complete costume for Raven cosplay is available at the product page of our Amazon store. Look accurately like the character in the Halloween, parties and comic convention.

Raven Teen Titans Cloak: Amazon

Looking forward to the demands of the DC fans we displayed Raven Teen Titans cape separately. It will help you out to decide whether it would be suitable for you to stick with cloak available in the package above you have to order this one for an identical look.

Raven Teen Titans Cosplay Purple Bangle: eBay

This Bright  Purple Thick Chunky Bangle is very light to wear and looks stunning on. It will go with any outfit you wear in day or night other Raven cosplay.
Raven Halloween Costumes Gray Face Pant: Amazon

Prior to using gray face paint, we suggest you see the Raven makeup tutorial for perfection. Items include in it are face primer, eye shadow primer, white face paint, makeup sponge, eyeshadow kit, purple eyeshades, black eyeliner, eyelashes, black lipstick, makeup setting spray, and makeup brushes are easily available at the given links.

Raven Teen Titans Costume Pendant Ruby: Amazon

Where to paste this ruby pendant on your forehead; the makeup tutorial of the Raven Teen Titans Cosplay perfectly show.

Teen Titans Go Raven Costume Purple Bootie: Amazon

With the Beecher bootie, you have collected all the accessory to cosplay Raven at Halloween. You will love to Raven costume for kids too along with the merchandise displayed above.


Lady Legasus is one of the main Teen Titans characters and the alter-ego of Raven. Teen Titans comic reveals that Raven Teen Titans series outfit is replaced with a saffron-colored sleeveless leotard, matching cuff and yellow booties. You got to add a darker-colored circle of the logo of the golden leg on the chest area of the leotard. For extra fun! you may wear it under a regular Raven superhero costume.

DC Titan Lady Legasus Wig: Amazon

Being an alter ego of Raven she has most of her appearance identical. Consider Raven wig to cosplay this character at Halloween and cosplay.

Lady Legasus Cosplay Costume Yellow Bodysuit: Amazon

Turtle neck sleeveless bodysuit under layer in yellow with a bold mark is the Lady Legasus outfit. You will find several other colors of the underlayer on the product page.

New Teen Titans Yellow Wrist and Headbands: Amazon

Workout or yoga lovers have something interesting among other costume accessories. Be sure you don’t have to add Raven Teen Titans cape into your cart for Lady Legasus cosplay. Multiples colors of the head and wrist bands are available on the product page of Amazon Store.

Original Teen Titan Violet Colored Contact Lense: Product Page

Not necessary for everyone to add this item into your cart; many of us feel uncomfortable in wearing lenses. For accuracy in your cosplay, you must try it along with Lady Legasus Halloween costume.

Teen Titans Girls Red Acrylic Paint: Amazon

Red acrylic paint will help you to add bolt mark on the front part of the yellow underlayer for identical and appealing personality.

Teen Titans Star Gray Face Paint: Amazon

Grey paint is the must-buy as being the alter ego of the Raven. If you already have grey face paint; no need to cart this item.

All Teen Titans Red Bindi Crystal: Amazon

You have two option for the forehead diamond of the Legasus; a ruby mentioned in the Raven DC costume above or the bindi as shown.

Go Teen Titans Go Yellow Ankle Boot: Amazon

4.7 inches yellow ankle boot is the identical one character wore in the teen titans seasons; collect this item to complete all the accessories of the Lady Legasus attire.


In the Teen Titans TV series, Jade Wilson (Kristan Bell) is the tall woman with white short hairs. She is an antagonist in the Teen Titans Go! To the Moves. It is revealed by the Teen Titans movie that she is an alter-ego of the Slade Wilson (Deathstroke).

Teen Titans Costume Wig: Amazon

Team titans go games have several characters to work with; we are describing some of them. Short straight silver-white hairstyle belongs to the Jade which identical to Jade Wilson wig displayed above.

Jade Wilson Cosplay Green Lime Blazer: Amazon

Have you become the part of the tiny titans games? collect this green blazer among other colors available on the product page for Halloween.

Jade Wilson Costume Black T-Shirt: Amazon

Customize T-Shirts are becoming the most demanding merchandise at Halloween store; people are printing their personalized print on it.

Titans Cartoon Royal Blue Pant: Amazon

Royal blue paint is the perfect contrast you have to make in your selection of Teen Titans Jade costume. This skinny pant made with fabric, polyester, and spandex.

Teen Titans DC Comics Maroon Web Belt: Amazon

The gold flip top military belt is one of the required merchandise to you have to cart along with the royale blue trouser you have collected from above.

Old Teen Titans Orange Bracelet: Amazon

You only required one or two rubber bracelet for Jade Wilson cosplay. The number of colors of the rubber bands is available at the product page of the Costume Shop.

Teen Titans Show Stud Earrings: Amazon

Check the varieties and size of the gold stud at the product page. It is the perfect item you can select for a party, social gathering and outside dining.

Teen Titans Go Costume Boot: Amazon

Purple costume boot made with 100% leather, comfortable and durable. Look identical version of Jade Wilson in the costume boot.


Beast Boy (Garfield Logan) is one of the founding members in the Teen Titans original series. He got the shape-changing ability after having a contract with Sakutia; his skin, hairs and will remain green. Why are you waiting for! turn into greeny characters like Beast Boy with green hairs, long sleeves compression shirt, tight pant, and green face paint?

Beast Boy Adult Costume: Amazon

Teen Titans go Beast boy costume made with 100% polyester and polyurethane foam. Jumpsuit contains printed form waist belt and high-quality gloves are included in the package.

Beast Boy Teen Titans Go Green Face Paint: Amazon

To look alike Teen Titans Go movie character you have to use the green face paint. Remember that the green face paints will later be used for other DC and Marvel cosplay.

Teen Titans Beast Boy Costume Green Hair Paint: Amazon

Green hair paint is an optional accessory for Beast Boy cosplay. You have to decide whether cosplay in your black hair or need more accuracy in green hairs.

Beast Boy Halloween Costume Elf Ears: Amazon

Made with 100% fiber, imported and hand washable. It will simply slide over to your ear. The green color is the perfect match with the beast boy cosplay costume.

Beast Boy Costume Kids: Amazon

The Beast Boy is most familiar in kids. They love to portray this character at Halloween in the identical spirit that their adult has. The product page contains all the costume accessories of beast boy kids costume.


Teen Titans Go Starfire (Princess Koriand’r) is one of the founding members of Teen Titans. She is an alien princess from Tamaran and the love interest of the Robin. She becomes the girlfriend of the Robin titans; in the finals of Teen Titans animated series.

Star Fire Teen Titans Costume Wig: Amazon

Teen Titans Go Starfire costume has variation in wig. She is updated to this hair in new teen titans movie. Hurry up! the product page contains a few amounts of costume wig in a shocking pink color.

Star Fire Costume Adult: Amazon

A complete set of Starfire Halloween costume is available at the product page. You will entire features of the product prior add into your cart.

Star Fire Kids Costume: Amazon

Similar to the adult costume you will find all the costume accessories of Starfire cosplay for kids on the product page of the costume store.


Terra (Tara Markov) is a former member in the Teen Titan TV show. She faces difficulty to control her own power; became an apprentice to Slade to learn how to control her own powers. She is confused about her role as hero or villain.

The Teen Titans Go Aviator Goggles: Amazon

Terra was found in two different outfits in the teen titans complete series. We did our level best to share all the accessories of both the Terra costume. You find the biggest range of aviator goggles on the product page.

Titan Go Terra Cosplay Hair: Amazon

Terra has long blonde hair which is appropriate for the costumes. This 32-inch wig can be styled for everyday wear, accessorize for a Halloween costume party, or dress up as your favorite Cosplay character.

Team Titans Go Costume Black Half Top: Amazon

Available in numerous colors on the product page; select black for Terra cosplay. It is the best product for Cheer uniform in Halloween and theme party.

T Titan Go Yellow Shorts: Amazon

Women booty shorts with stretch for dance, yoga, workout, and running. Premium quality lycra made in the USA; 200 colors and styles are available.

Tee Titans Terra Costume Gloves: Amazon

14″ welding gloves made with cowhide and recommended fo Terra cosplay with any attire you like wear in the Halloween Party.  It is pliable, durable, and heat resistant.

Teen Go Arm Gear Tactical Belt: Amazon

Khaki tactical belt is adjustable to comfortably fit on your size. Equipped with 10 pockets and each pocket is double snap secure closure. This item is designed for police, security & military personnel; make a great addition as a hunting, camping, fishing, hiking belt.

Teen Titans Tower Fabric Paint: Amazon

There is a little printing required at the half top for Terra outfit. You need to make T within the circle to make identical to the top terra wore in the series. Follow this guide to help how to make spray paint the shirt.

Teen Titans Halloween Costume Boots: Amazon

With the Terra boots, we are now finalizing the costume guide of the one part. Scroll more to see and collect the costume accessories of the other part.

Deep Heather Sleeveless Raglan T-Shirt: Amazon

Different style and designs of the tee are available on the product page. Contrast sleeves and neck binding will make it identical to the costume worn by Terra in Teen Titans.

Long Sleeves Crew Neck Heather Grey T-Shirt: Amazon

Stock up on these Cotton-Blend Crew-Neck Staple Tops to use as base layering pieces or for pairing with any of your pants for a simple, casual look. These shirts are cool and breathable; keep you warm on those chillier evenings.

Navy Slimming Tab Shorts: Amazon

Wide smoothing contour waistband with hidden elastic. This short will let you love the way you look and become your new summer go-to item. It will make you look chic, confident and comfortable.

High Top Sneakers: Amazon

After having wedge sneakers in beige you will have all the accessories of the Terra costume. Hey! we have more costumes from Teen Titans to discuss.


Metahuman Jinx (Lauren Tom) was the leader of the H.I.V.E. five; student at H.I.V.E academy being an honorary member of Teen Titans. She is an ability of Probability Manipulation; most simply control bad luck. Her general alternatives and skin make her look similar to Raven.

Teen Cartoon Jinx Costume Wig: Amazon

23 inch long sexy wavy Cosplay Wig for Halloween, themed parties and fancy dress parties or just for a change of look. Great for cosplay Costume, fancy ball, and sports-themed events.

Jinx Cosplay Flared Sleeve Dress: Amazon

Black flowy dress with long sleeves, v neck and pull on closure. Three more colors of this item are available on the product page of Amazon Store.

Fabric Paint For Flared Dress: Amazon

Florescent violet fabric paint to have an identical look of the character. Check out makeup tutorial on youtube for the advancement in the appearance of the character.

Ten Titans Go Purple Stripe Tights: Amazon

Black and purple stripe tights made with nylon. Lucky you are to have identical tights for Jinx cosplay at Halloween. Check out variation at the product page if you are interested to collect.

Titan Games Monster Grey Fantasy: Amazon

Jinx was found in dark complexion in grey color; we add grey makeup fantasy as part of the costume accessories for easy access to the character.

Titans Show Spiking Hair Spray: Amazon

The biggest task for Jinx cosplay is identical which can be possible with the extreme hold spray. Easy to apply for a longer period; no hairstyle is extreme for this product.

Teen Titans Go Games Velvet Choker: Amazon

Beautiful everyday ladies accessories and the perfect present for mom, sister, daughter, wife, and girlfriend. Each purchase comes with a classic drawstring jewelry pouch which can add the perfect touch of elegance for gifting or self-storage.

Titans Show Black Platform Boot: Amazon

Stylish ankle boot with a synthetic sole. These boots have the perfect match with the Jinx wore in the Teen Titans series. You will add a purple color to the boot.


Robin Teen Titans go is the founding member and leader of the Teen Titans. Robin titans were the sidekick of the Batman; the Starfire’s true love interest. He encountered the mastermind villain Slade in the Jump City.

Robin Teen Titans Costume: Amazon

Teen Titans Go Robin costume is one of the demanding attire from the Teen Titans games, comic, and TV series. You will find everything on the product page; no need to search for several accessories at Halloween store. The printed jumpsuit is made with polyester fabric and a string tie behind the neck. Please note that foam shoe covers are already attached with the jumpsuit. You will find Robin costume toddlers for Halloween and cosplay, for your little ones.


Cyborg Teen Titans Go (Cy) is one of the founding members; the half-man half-cybernetic and chief technology expert. He wants to become a teenage athlete named victor stone; unfortunately, an accident made him severely injured as such his father has to change his body part to make him alive.

Teen Titans Go Cyborg Costume: Amazon

Foam-padded jumpsuit with attached 3D shoulders, gauntlets, Vacuform mask, and Boot Tops are included in the Cyborg cosplay costume. We have a lot more ideas to make your child happy with teen titans toys and teen titans party supplies. Moreover, visit DC Comics costume DIY for more Halloween costume ideas.