Gwendolyn Poole is the fictional character of the Marvel Comic and the amalgam of the Gwen Stacy and Deadpool. She made her debut on a variant cover of Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #2. The Unbelievable Gwenpool idea generated when the popularity of Spider Gwen and Deadpool comes to its peak; cosplayers are cosplaying. Therefore, our suggestion for you to cosplay in Gwenpool Costume this Halloween. Scroll down to collect Gwenpool comic costume!

Gwenpool Wig: Amazon

Orange and pink wig ideal for Deadpool Gwen cosplay. Durable and heat resistant synthetic fiber; can be styled by curling iron or hair straightener.

Gwenpool Suit: Amazon

Gwenpool costume is available in Pu leather and spandex material on the product page. It also includes a belt set, pair of leg cover, and pair of handguards. Gwenpool masks attached with the suit, therefore, no need to add Halloween mask into your cart.

Marvels Gwenpool White Satin Gloves: Amazon

Collection in terms of color, size, and style of the satin gloves are available at the product page of the Amazon Store. Gwenpool suit suggests with a white or pink color, but we displayed the most recommended one.

Pink Chunk Sneakers: Amazon

Lace-up high top sneakers in pink are perfect for Gwenpool cosplay. Several other colors are available on the product page of the Halloween store. A mixture of Mary Jane and Deadpool with identical qualities and skills makes the unbelievable Gwenpool. Marvel comics have thousands of characters who stand according to their popularity and following. Cosplayers around the globe are crazy to cosplay them at Halloween and convention. So what are you waiting to visit our huge collection of the Marvel costumes and select the best character which you like to cosplay this Halloween? On the contrary Gwenpool Halloween costume is on top of the list of most wanted costumes for Halloween and cosplay.