Jane “El” Hopper (Millie Booby Brown) is one of the main protagonists in the Netflix horror series Stanger Things. El Stranger Things kidnapped for the purpose of examining her inherited psychokinetic abilities but she a way to escape. She later meets with Dustin, Lucas, and Mike to discover her abilities. Mike and eleven made a strong bond and quickly grow to like each other during their time together. It was revealed further that due to an experiment in the lab; she made contact with the creature from another dimension and open the inter-dimensional gateway. In Stanger Things 3, Eleven and Mike Wheeler have developed their relationship, much to the dismay of Hawkins Sheriff Jim Hopper. She has 80’s look in this series with brighter print and long hair. Scroll down to collect all the accessories of the Eleven costume for Halloween and cosplay.

Mall Eleven Stanger Things Costume: Amazon

Eleven Stranger Things outfit for adults is the 80s-style black romper features colorful geometric patterns just like the one Eleven wears in the series. All you need are shoes and socks for an effortless Eleven Halloween costume.

Blue Braided Hair Tie: Amazon

Blue hair tie is the signature style of the Stranger Things eleven, therefore, you have to only wear blue color along with the Stanger Things 11 costume.

Stanger Things El Cotton Socks: Amazon

To adopt the identical style of the Eleven on Stranger Things you have to collect the pair of socks from the Amazon Store. We suggest it as the mandatory item for the Eleven costume DIY. It can later use casual, parties, and office wear.

Eleven Bitchin White Walking Shoes: Amazon

Eleven season 1 is completely changed as compared to Eleven Stranger Things 3 in terms of looks. This will only happen with the help of Max Mayfield. After having such a nice pair of walking shoes you have collected all accessories for Eleven cosplay. If you have any confusion regarding her hairstyle you will find Eleven Stranger Things blonde wig at the Halloween Store. More Halloween costume ideas for the scary clowns and characters are available at our store.