Javier Escuella is the former gang member and the secondary antagonist in Red Dead Redemption. He has the multiplayer character skills; selected as the Revolution section. He is one of the recurring players in the Red Dead series and the major character in the Red Dead Redemption 2. Start scrolling to collect all the costume accessories of the Javier Escuella costume from Red Dead Redemption 2.

RDR2 Black Hat: Amazon

Let this Javier Escuella costume DIY begin with the black hat. Anyone who is above 14 can wear it for Theatrical Performances, Musicals Prom, or a Wedding.

Leather Laced Hat Band: Amazon

To follow the identical style of Javier Escuella you have to add a leather hat belt in your cart. It is available in two different styles at the Halloween Store.

RDR2 Janvier Denim Jacket: Amazon

Jeans jacket made with 100% cotton featuring button-up front, fold-over collar, accent seaming, button-through flap chest pockets, and slash hand pockets.

Red Dead Orange Pattern Poncho: Amazon

The product page contains several patterns of the fabric. It is soft, thick, reversible, cozy, and warm. The generous size to keep you warm, a great alternative to coat or jacket. This Multi Pattern Poncho is Great for Year Round Wear for the Ultimate Fashionista. The painted design will reveal your unique glamour and the original tailoring will show your elegance.

Red Dead Redemption costume Leather Vest: Amazon

Cowhide Suede vest made with a high-quality fabric blend. The western-style leather vest is featured with a four-button closure, two pockets tight stitching, and straight.

Red Dead 2 Olive Green Bandana: Amazon

Cowboy is the signature style of Javier; he ties olive green bandanas to his neck. Visit the product page to collect the varieties of colors and styles of Bandanas.

Red Redemption Regular Fit Jeans: Amazon

High-quality premium flex denim, comfortable and authentic style jeans are recommended for the Javier Escuella cosplay. Several other fashionable colors are available on the product page of the Amazon Store.

Leather Gun Belt: Amazon

The genuine leather gun belt is good for the Javier Red Dead Redemption cosplay. Visit the product page for the selection of size and features of the product.

Red Dead Plastic Bullet: Amazon


Along with the leather belt, you have to add bullets in your bucket. 96 gold and black bandolier available in the package. It is great costume accessory for Soldiers, Rambo, Hunters, Or G.I. Joe. It can be broken apart to make bracelets, anklets, & other accessories.

Cowboy Gun: Amazon

A perfect gun is suitable for the perfect Javier Escuella mission. Collect this item as costume prop for Javier cosplay from Red Dead Redemption 2 for Halloween and cosplay.

Cowboy Spur: Amazon

Every single accessory of the Javier Escuella costume is mandatory. We suggest you add these spur in your bucket to have complete accessories of the Red Dead Redemption.

Old West Boot: Amazon

After having the leather boot you have collected all the accessories of the Javier Escuella costume. For more Halloween costumes ideas visit our gaming collection for Halloween and cosplay.