Tifa Lockhart is the playable character in the Final Fantasy VII. Cloud Strife is the Tifa advent Childhood who is the main protagonist of the RPGs all the time. She convinces Cloud to Join AVALANCHE (the eco-terrorist group); assist his in saving the planet from Sephiroth. Tifa ff is strong and independent women like Lara Croft. Scroll to collect all the accessories of the Tifa Lockhart costume from the Final Fantasy.

Tiff Cosplay Long Wig: Amazon

Let’s begin this costume guide from Final Fantasy 7 with the black long sexy wig. A cosplayer who already have black hairs will no need to add this item in your cart. You need to add some extensions in case your hairs are short.

White Crop Top: Amazon

Tifa Lockhart ff7 wear a white crop top in the Final Fantasy game. You will find numerous attractive colors on the product page of our Amazon Store.

Black Mini Skirt: Amazon

Tifa costume needs this metallic skirt features as line comfortable waistband. Visit the product page to collect other shiny colors for club, costume, and party wears.

Black Skinny Leather Belt: Amazon

In addition to the Tifa cosplay costume, you have to add this skinny leather belt. This gorgeous belts for women made with high-quality PU leather for a smooth feeling. Belts are available in many solid and vivid colors on the product page with a variety of sizes.

Black Suspender: Amazon

Tifa Lockhart costume required black suspender to add more grip in her attire. It is 1.5 inches wide with a silver metallic adjuster. This item is manufactured in the USA.

Long Sleeves Fingerless Gloves: Amazon

Like Disney character, Tifa wears a black long fingerless sleeve along with attire. However, these satin gloves are mostly used to wear in prom parties and wedding.

Kick Boxing Gloves: Amazon

Boxing gloves made of high-quality PU leather and EVA foaming. These training gloves can provide better shock absorbency and effectively protect against impact, easy to clean and durable for long-term use.

Red Ankle Boot: Amazon

After having red ankle boot you have collected all the accessories of the Tifa Lockhart cosplay costume. Share this guide if you like out Lock Heart collection. For more Halloween costume ideas regarding game con costumes, Click here!