Himiko Toga is a major protagonist and the member of the League of Villians. My hero Academia all of her team serve the main antagonist of the Forest Training Camp Arc. Beside her innocent look, she is mentally unstable. She wears a Japenese school uniform and smiles continuously after killing someone. She adds a few gadgets like a piped black mask in the shape of a carnivorous grin; a box of knives strapped to her thigh. Scroll down to collect all the accessories of the Himiko Toga Costume.

Himiko Toga Wig: Amazon

lets this guide begin with the Himiko Toga cosplay wig for Japenese manga and anime. Wig and cap are included in the package for Halloween and Anime cosplay.

Himiko Toga Costume: Amazon

My Hero Academia Toga costume includes cardigan, shirt, skirt, Toga Himiko mask, scarf, belt with 2 pouches, leg-straps, neckerchief, and socks. This Himiko Toga outfit comes complete with all you need for cosplay except for the shoes and wig. Cute Himiko Toga cosplay scarf features teeth prints; mask covers half of the face. The Himiko Toga sweater is in beige color and good for daily wear. The sailor suit uniform is a short sleeve shirt with a sailor collar; a pleated navy blue skirt.

Vampire Fang Teeth: Amazon

For Toga Himiko cosplay you have to add vampire fang teeth. These teeth are medical dental composite resin, safe and non-toxic, no smelly or bad-tasting chemicals. These fake teeth can be widely used for makeup decorations on various occasions; like Halloween parties, scary masquerade, and other vampire or werewolf cosplay, etc.

Toga mha Brown Slip-on Shoes: Amazon

After having Toga My Hero Academia shoes you are ready to Himiko Toga cosplay for Halloween and conventions. You will find varieties of slip-on shoes on the product page of our Amazon Store. For more Halloween costume ideas regarding manga and anime costumes, Click here!