Barley Lightfoot in Disney Onward is an elf; start a journey to rediscover the lost magic in their world. Ian is an older brother, mentor, and protector to lightfoot. They took a mission to spend one more day with their father who passed away when they were young. Onward 2020 is the first animated movie, Chris Pratt voiced by. Keep scrolling to collect all the accessories of the Barley Lightfoot costume for Halloween and cosplay.

Dark Blue Hair Dye: Amazon

Let’s begin this Onward costume guide with dark blue hair paint. Blue jeans baby will give the perfect navy hair color; identical to the character hair.

Light Blue Skin Paint: Amazon

Disney Pixar Onward describes this character from some other world, therefore, to have an identical identity you have to paint your skin with the blue paint.

Pointed Elf Ears: Amazon

You will find three different styles of the Elf ear on the product page of the Amazon store. Select the pointed one for Barley Lightfoot cosplay.

Navy Blue Knit Beanie Hat: Amazon

Winter is coming and this is the right time to cart warm clothes. Beanie hat is the perfect choice for Pixar onward cosplay and winter. You will find a variety of colors on the product page.

Blue Denim Jeans Vest: Amazon

Fabric is available in different sizes and styles, stone wash and button-up closure. For Onward Pixar select this item among other denim collections on the product page.

Black T-Shirt: Amazon

People usually wear customized t-shirt; easily printed and ready to wear. Pixar Onward 2020 lightfoot wear black tee to make a perfect combination with other attire.

Green Cargo Shorts: Amazon

Cargo short made with 100% cotton; it is lightweight, breathable and comfortable. Multi-pocket, classic loose fit, and zip decorated sides are perfect for casual use.

White Tube Socks with Gray Stripes: Amazon

Gray stripes socks are good for both genders. Sizes and styles are available on the product page waiting for your selection.

Black Converse High Top Sneakers: Amazon

Onward film describes this character in a unique manner. Buy black sneakers for elf cosplay in Onward Disney. This product is imported and available on the Amazon Halloween store.

Brown Leather Handcuff Bracelet: Amazon

There are several varieties of the handcuffs are available on the leather store. We have selected the most accurate one Pixar Disney Onward costume.

Lots of Magical Enamel Pins: Amazon

After having magical enamel pins in your bucket you have collected all the accessories of the Barley Lightfoot costume. Check our Disney collection for more Halloween costume ideas.