Ian Lightfoot (voiced by Tom Holland) is a young elf who lives in the magical world of the mermaids and goblins. As technology takes over; gnomes losing touch with magic. He along with his brother Barley Lightfoot embarks on a quest to discover the magic that needs to spend a day with their departed father. He is the son of Mr. Lightfoot and Laura Lightfoot. In Onward 2020, he looks tall with pale blue skin, brown eyes, and curly blue hairs. He usually wears sneakers, jeans, and a red button-down shirt. Keep scrolling to collect all the accessories of the Ian Lightfoot costume.

Blue Jean Baby Hair Dye: Amazon

Let’s begin this Onward Ian Lightfoot costume guide with the semi-permanent blue hair dye. You will find several other colors on the product page of the Amazon store.

Light Blue Skin Paint: Amazon

Every single character of the Disney Pixar Onward required blue face paint for an identical appearance. It is easily removed with the help of soap and water.

Pointed Elf Ears: Amazon

Tom Holland Pixar is a positive character in the movie as Ian Lightfoot. Onward film takes several turns for required magical assistance. Any way cart those elf ears for Ian Lightfoot cosplay.

Red and Black Plaided Funnel Shirt: Amazon

Being a simple and sweat personality he used to wear the red and black plaided shirt as one of the main characters of the Pixar Onward. You find features of the product in the costume store.

Onward Disney Blue Jeans: Amazon

Disney is the platform where all the characters are valuable and respectful. Similarly, Disney Onward made such a nice change in the world of magic. We suggest selecting these colors among other colors available on the product page of the Disney store.

Blue Converse High Top Sneakers: Amazon

After blue sneakers in your bucket; you have collected all the accessories for the Ian Lightfoot cosplay. For more Halloween costume ideas regarding Disney costume, Click Here!