Fortnite Battle Royale has introduced several skins with unique skills and fighting abilities. You are already gone through several outfits of the Fortnite costumes online; checkout Fortnite Ikonik costume with accessories given below. This is an exclusive skin released in collaboration between Epic and Samsung for Galaxy S10 owners. The sleek black athleisure outfit is inspired by K-pop fashion. Keep scroll to collect all the accessories of the Ikonik costume from Fortnite for Halloween and cosplay.

Black Balaclava Face Mask: Amazon

Ikonik Fortnite face mask Made of high-quality material, soft and skin-friendly. Varieties are available on the product page of the Amazon Store. Perfect for men, women, and children.

Epic Fortnite Ikonik Hoodie and shorts: Product Page

Ikonic skin hoodie with short sleeves is great for costumes. Pullover hoodie with a contrast of red color patchwork design good for classic looks. Replica Ikonic costume will use multiple ways for cosplay.

White Thermal Crew Shirt: Amazon

Varieties of colors, sizes, and designs of the thermal underwear shirts are available on the product page of Fortnite Halloween. This item is best for moderate and cold climate.

Black Compression Tight Pant: Amazon

The workout tank top is demanding merchandise among fitness lovers. It seems that many of the cosplayers interested to collect accessories that are the best use for a daily workout. You will find a wide range of tight pants on the product page for the Ikonik bundle. Select black one as the perfect match for Ikonik cosplay.

Tactical Gloves: Amazon

Black tactical gloves are the common accessories for Fortnite Battle Royale cosplay. It is comfortable and lightweight to wear. It provides good protection for the wrist, finger, and palm.

Scarlet Red Running Sneakers: Amazon

Fortnite Ikonik skin required red running sneakers to have an identical look of the Ikonik costume from Fortnite. You will find other colors as well on the product page of the gaming store.

Red Microphone: Amazon

After having a red microphone in your bucket you are ready for Ikonik cosplay. Make your Halloween memorable with new costume ideas and attire. Click here to check the gaming costume collection for Halloween and cosplay.