An orphan girl in His Dark Materials, Lyra Belacqua (Dafne Keen) living with scholars at Oxford in Brytain. Lyra Silvertongue during her childhood had the unique ability to read an alethiometer without traditional training. She discovered wild secrets involving Marisa Coulter and Lord Asriel. Later found herself in the center of the cosmic struggle. To unhide the secrets of the Lyra Belacqua costume from His Dark Materials for Halloween and cosplay.

Burgundy Bib Overall Dress: Amazon

Let’s begin this costume guide with the bib overall in burgundy color. You will find several other colors on the product page of the Amazon store to accumulate your collection.

White Small Print Button-Down Shirt: Amazon

The white printed shirt must buy to wear along with the bib overalls. Lyra Belacqua cosplay necessitates collecting both the accessories on high priority.

Tall Rain Boot Socks: Amazon

Viewers are gathering interest in the show His Dark Materials as a replacement of Game of Thrones. Cream socks are the identical ones wore by the Lyra in the series.

Brown Lace-up Ankle Boot: Amazon

Like fashion attire, we always suggest our reader select such an item which you can use later casually. Rainboot made with soft fabric; recommended for luxury.

White Plush Ermine Toy: Amazon

Lyra pet is an optional yet necessary costume accessory to collect. There are varieties of ermine toys available on the store but we suggest the one we displayed here.

Lyra Golden Compass: Amazon

After having Lyra golden compass in your bucket you have collected all the accessories of Lyra Belacqua costume for Halloween and cosplay. We are on our working to collect more His Dark Materials costume with our reader. We hope you like this collection and it will definitely help you out to cosplay character flawlessly. Keep following to have more Halloween costume ideas.