Walter Beckett (Tom Holland) is an awkward scientific genius who has desired to create the best spy inventions. In Spies in Disguise 2019, he is graduated from MIT at the age of 15. He turned spy Will Smith (Lance Sterling) into a pigeon with his gadget; during his mission, he found a way to turn back to human again. He is a simple and peace-loving character. He gave a unique view to deal with the criminals. His gadgets are pretty awesome in Will Smith animated film. Keep scrolling to collect all the accessories of the Walter Beckett costume from Spies in Disguise movie.

Mustard Yellow Hoodies: Amazon

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Blue Stripe Socks: Amazon

Every spy has a unique style of attire. From Dc comics till Marvel Cinematic universe you will find the distinctive costumes. In our opinion, Walter Beckett costume looks perfect in blue stripes socks.

Red Sneakers with White Stripes: Amazon

Most of the time it is difficult to satisfy your requirement; we did our level best to share the best possible accessories to get an identical look of the character. Hey, wait! still, something that you must collect.

Gameboy LCD Watch: Amazon

After having this watch you are ready for Walter Beckett cosplay for Halloween. We are still working in this movie and soon share costume accessories of other characters as well. visit our core guide of the Disney costume for Halloween and cosplay.