Tom Wachowski (James Marsden) is a sheriff of Green Hills, Montana. He is the friend of the Sonic the Hedgehog. To protect others from danger Tom sought to move to San Francisco. To defeat Dr. Robotnik he helped blue Hedgehog as an invaluable ally. You will find Tom wearing a variety of clothes; he is often spotted in his sheriff’s uniform while patrolling Green Hills. Scroll down to collect all the accessories of the Tom Wachowski costume from Sonic the Hedgehog for Halloween and cosplay.

Blue Henley Shirt: Amazon

Let’s begin this guide with the 3 button henley shirt. Varieties of colors are available on the product page of the Amazon store. It looks more stylish with denim. Add as much to stick you with the fashion.

Dark Brown Zip Up Jacket: Amazon

To conclude the look of Sonic genesis you have to add a brown jacket in your bucket. It made of cotton with nylon lining and triple stitching for an attractive look.

Relax Fit Blue Jeans: Amazon

By adding relax fit jeans you have complete a set of Tom Wachowski costume from Sonic the Hedgehog for cosplay. Five-pocket jeans are available in more colors on the product page.

Sherrif Uniform Shirt: Amazon

Now its time to add more attire; like Sherrif Longmire, you will collect all the accessories of the Sherrif Tom at this article. You will find two pleaded pocket and pencil compartment on the left. You will definitely feel comfortable with the seven-button adjustment on the front. Prepare yourself for new adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Dark Brown Pant: Amazon

Like other James Marsden movies, you successfully look Sherrif in the dark brown along with the shirt displayed above. For the ease of movement and comfort, Dickies made it with flex fabric. Visit the product page for more colors besides shadow the hedgehog movie.

Cowboy Sheriff’s Hat: Amazon

To become an ally of the original sonic you got to collect brown sheriff’s hat. A golden sheriff star badge is on the front and golden braided twine decorated around the top section. Get your best Duke impression in the brown hat.

Gold Sherif Badge: Amazon

Made of metal, sturdy pin back to stay peacefully on your chest. To assist tails sonic against Dr. Robotnik you must collect the pride of gold Sheriff’s badge in your cart.

Black Leather Gun Belt: Amazon

Black leather jackets and belts are the demand for these days. These products are matched with any cloth you wear in casual or office premises. We hope that you already have one; we suggest you collect a gun belt for perfection in the Tom Wachowski cosplay.

Black Leather Slot Holster: Amazon

Now you have collected all the accessories of the James Marsden cosplay for sonic and shadow. Check out more Halloween costume ideas regarding gaming costumes at our blog.