Steven Universe: The Movie created by Rebecca Sugar to change the minds of the viewers. It directly follows the Crystal Gems to save organic lives on Earth from a deranged Gem with a history with Steven’s mother. Steven Universe episodes and movie both hold Steven Universe the main protagonist in the series. Steven is sixteen years old in the Steven Universe movie. After making peace on Home World with the diamonds, he thinks it’s happily ever after. New Steven Universe Steven fights to save his friends and protect the world. Scroll down to collect all the accessories of the Steven Universe costume for Halloween and cosplay. (Related: 28+ Halloween Steven Universe Costume)

Curly Black Wig: Amazon

Let this guide begin with the accessories of the most demanding character of the Cartoon Network. High-quality Japenese wig made with Kanekalon synthetic fiber available on the product page of the Amazon store. It is comfortable to wear daily; it will not damage your hair.

Pink Steven Hoodie: Amazon

Steven movie introduces the new look of Steven Universe in the pink baseball jacket. You will find this high-quality material at a low price as well.

Steven Universe T-Shirt: Amazon

Steven Universe Star t-shirt is been very familiar and demanding among followers. We saw Steven gem wearing a red t-shirt in the series. You will find a variety of colors on the product page of the Halloween store.

Dark Blue Denim Jeans: Amazon

Steven Universe characters are well defined in the cartoon series. Select an option to become Steven Universe future or past.

Pink Flip Flops: Amazon

Footwear is usual and identical to the Cartoon Network Steven Universe merchandise. The entire Steven Universe cast made him superior and unique. The soft and comfortable design of the flip flops best for casual use.

Steven Universe Shield: Etsy

After having Steven Universe shield in your bucket you are ready for Steven Universe cosplay at Halloween. Make sure this replica shield is not for the Steven Universe toys for kids. Check our core collection of the Cartoon and Fairy Tale costumes for Halloween costume ideas.