Nezuko Kamado is the sister of the Tanjiro Kamado; the main character in the Demon Slayer: Kimestu No Yaiba. She is the only survivor of the demon attack that killed the Kamado family. Demon Slayer Nezuko turned into a demon by Muzan Kitbutsuji. A concept that the demon does not expose to sunlight; she travels in a wooden box. Nezuko Nendoroid can manage her size according to the box and grow larger in the attack. She had promised not to kill a human as a family. Devil slayer got her strength through a long period of rest. It is a matter of fact the only Tanjiro can calm down Kamado Nezuko. Scroll down to collect all the accessories of the Nezuko Kamado Costume from Demon Slayer for Halloween and cosplay.

Black to Orange Ombre Nazuko Wig: Amazon

Let’s begin this DIY with the Nezuko Kamado hair in black and orange colors. You will find some deals on the product page including Nezuko wig.

Nezuko Kamado Costume: Amazon

Varieties of the item required for the Nezuko cosplay; luckily Halloween store makes it very easy for us. Nazuko pink Kimono set contains Kimono dress, black coat, belt & belt rope, calf wear, hair accessories, and mouthpiece.

Nezuko Shoes: Amazon

Nezuko Kamado Costume from Demon Slayer needs these shoes and sock for perfect cosplay. Varieties of colors of the shoes are available on the Amazon store.

Pink Contact Lenses: Product Page

Accuracy in the Nezuko cosplay can be managed after adding pink contact lenses into your cart. It will absolutely prepare your a Demon Slayer demon look.

Vampire Fangs: Amazon

After having these vampire teeth gangs you collected all the accessories of the Demon Slayer anime cosplay. All the accessories shown are available in the Halloween shop. For more Halloween costumes ideas you love to see our compilation of scary costume.