Graverobber (Terrance Zdunich) is a dealer to Amber Sweet and an illegal Zydrate peddler. He lives in a world rough one therefore the V in the neck of his overshirt will have to be cut a little lower. In Repo! The Genetic Opera he wears a thin blue scarf around his neck made from the torn hem of his undershirt. He acts as a narrator of the post-apocalyptic world. He is well aware of the bloodbath due to the culmination of all the plot taken by the characters. Scroll down to collect all the accessories of the  Graverobber costume for Halloween and cosplay.

Long Brown Wig: Amazon

Let’s begin this DIY guide with the Graverobber wig. There are several options available online for the brown hair of the repo man.

Brown Leather Coat: Amazon

Like brown leather jackets; coats have varieties to decide. We select the one displayed above; differentiate leather goods on our Amazon Store.

Fake Fur Collar: Amazon

Generally, women loved to wear fur in winter. You need an alike fur for perfect creation of graverobber costume. Features will be easily seen on the product page.

Genetic Repo Man Navy Tank Top: Amazon

Inspired with John McClane costume; Graverobber cosplay love to collect the same from the Hanes store. Tanktop is machine washable, imported and made with 60% cotton.

White Overshirt: Amazon

Machine washable summer shirt; made with 100% Thai cotton. Feel soft on the skin; perfect for yoga, beach, and meditation, etc.

Dark Gray Jeans: Amazon

Feeling rough and tough in the gray jean after Graverobber destiny 2 cosplay. Nice color to contrast with other colors to wear officially or casually.

Brown Leather Belt: Amazon

Leather belt with an identical look is one of the required accessories for the Graverobber costume. Check out more colors and varieties on the product page.

Leather Boots: Amazon

By adding costume boot you have gathered all the accessories limited to the attire. These rugged work boots are built to keep you going during long shifts

Grave Robber Brown Leather Bag: Amazon

The men messenger bag made of superior crazy horse cowhide leather and water-resistant canvas for long-term use. Disordered wrinkles and scratches on the surface create a vintage and wild looking.

Face Makeup: Amazon

Face makeup is necessary to have an identical look of the character. Buy this or consult with your friend or colleague to arrange such an item for you.

Eye Liner Pencil: Amazon

These are the makeup accessories of your girlfriend, wife, partner. In that case no need to buy this item in your bucket. Otherwise, spend some cash to have it.

Gray Lipstick: Amazon

Finally, after having makeup accessories you are perfectly ready for the Graverobber cosplay from Repo! The Genetic Opera. Check out more from our core collection of Halloween costume ideas.