In the mobile video game Brawl Stars, Crow is the character who inflicts poison on his enemies by firing daggers. To overcome the damage, his first gadget (defense booster) reduces on coming damages. His second gadget (slowing toxin) slowly poisoned the enemies around him. Crow has two different star powers also; that adds to his own damage or decrease the effects of enemies’ damage. Scroll down to collect Crow; Brawl Stars costume for Halloween and cosplay.

Crow Mask: Amazon

Let’s begin this guide with the Brawl Stars crow mask. This mask can also be used for other anime or manga characters, but now stick with the new brawlers.

Dark Blue Zip-Up Bomber Jacket: Amazon

Crow Brawl needs this bomber jacket to show the feature of his character. Brawl Stars cosplayer must have these accessories in their collection. However, if you are interested in the Leather Jackets you must check out our collection for men and women. Anyways make sure to add navy color to your bucket.

Men’s Maroon Paint: Amazon

Many cosplayers around the glove feel uncomfortable by the act of the Covid 19. Now recent updates are trying to overcome the after-effects of the deadly virus. The product page has several colors available; you need the burgundy slim-fit pant for Phoenix Brawl stars cosplay.

Black Gloves: Amazon

There are several characters in the Brawl Stars game but we are concentrating to collect Brawl Stars costumes for the crow brawl. If need to add other colors of gloves; visit the product page to collect in your bucket.

Wallet Chain: Amazon

Numerous designs and styles of the wallet chains are available at the Amazon store. It is a simple and slim key ring chain that can easily be fastened to a belt, handbag, or keyring.

Black Ankle Boot: Amazon

After adding ankle boots to your bucket you have collected all the accessories of the crow cosplay for Halloween. To expand your interest other than Brawl Stars costume; visit our costume collection of gaming cosplay.