Freddy Krueger seems to be the main character in the film series “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. Nightmare Freddy was appearing as a burnt face serial killer who used his razor glove to killed his victims. However, Michael Mayer, Freddy vs Joson and Friday the 13th had used identical mask and glove to make the series scary and screaming. Who is Freddy Krueger? He is the one who are recognized with burnt Freddy face and red and green strip Freddy Krueger sweater.

Findurfuture put an effort to make make this Freddy Krueger costumes for our reader by using simple steps. Thought of cos-playing horror character is a fun which followers do not wait till the Freddy’s dead. Check these below displayed Freddy Krueger clothes for men and women to have scary appearance this Halloween.


Freddy Kreuger Tattered Sweater

Men Freddy Krueger dress begin with this red and green strip sweater or Freddy Krueger shirt. Since from the Freddy Krueger story every fan know his back history and how much he look awesome with these outfit.

Slim Fit Jean

Cover your body by compulsory adding of this slim fit jean in the Freddy Krueger outfit. This five pocket jeans be the best fit with the costume. Further this pant can also be used as casual wears.

Overhead Freddy Krueger Mask

Many people don’t want some extra effort on Freddy Krueger makeup. Therefore this Freddy Krueger mask be the best option if you make yourself Freddy horror without any unusual effort.

Freddy Gloves

Freddy Krueger gloves be the most attractive part of his character as well as his costume. This Freddy Krueger claw is his weapon which he used to kill his victim.

Freddy Krueger Hat

Freddy Krueger hat best designed to give you identical look of Freddy during cos-play. The more you concentrate on your look the more perfection displayed in your appearance.

Slightly Off Harness Boot

High quality leather harness boot seem to be the perfect match with the costume of Freddy Krueger. Further this Freddy Krueger costume boot be the stylish shoes that can be accurately match with some of your other outfit and casual dresses.


Miss Krueger Costume

Nightmare on Elm Miss Krueger costume for women to make suitable pair with man. This is a complete costume which include costume hat and evil gloves. Every woman is beautiful, stunning and hot specially when they wear bodycon dresses in parties and other events.

Knee High Buckle Slouched Kitten Heel Boots

Matching boot that gives your body perfect shape with in this women Freddy Krueger costume. Like man boot this shoes can also be wear casually with different casual and party wear to look attractive during catwalk. Findurfuture found that along with costume guide of man and woman people search Freddy Krueger Kids costume for their children. Along with this costume guide you can check our health secrets, Merchandise and gift ideas for different superheroes & block buster movies, our most innovative & attractive wedding and engagements rings and costume guide for Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Disney & Fairy Tale.

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