A Novel published in year 1925 written by F. Scott Fitzgerald (an American Author) in the name of THE GREAT GATSBY. Every one knows the storyline behind the novel regarding the Great War from the Midwest. The Great Gatsby characters, Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) is the neighbor of the Nick Carraway who took job in a New York City as a bond salesman. He has entered into the relationship with Myrtle Wilson who also as mistress to Tom. Time passes and all three of them traveled to New York city in the apartment that Tom keep for his affair. (Related Post: The Lost City of Z Vintage Costumes)

After this romantic drama released, fan got inspired with the 1920s dresses wore in the Great Gatsby style. Shock to see in many parties followers wear Great Gatsby inspired dresses as a Great Gatsby prom dresses. From the legends of 1920s costume, findurfuture, gather some Great Gatsby style that wore by The Great Gatsby cast in the movie.


James Gatz, born in the poor farmer family, he left his education just because he hated support himself as a Janitor. Later he went to Luke Superior and met copper tycoon Don Cody where he learned ways to become wealthy. He is the husband of Daisy Buchanan and started living life as a man of the kind wealth. Jay’s Great Gatsby fashion was followed by millions of followers in the parties as prom dresses.

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio The Great Gatsby Suit
  2. The Great Gatsby Shirt
  3. The Great Gatsby Tie
  4. The Great Gatsby Cufflinks
  5. The Great Gatsby Ring
  6. The Great Gatsby Watch
  7. The Great Gatsby Walking Stick
  8. The Great Gatsby Shoes

The owner of the Gatsby mansion wore this Gatsby dress in the movie which also makes you dashing in the gathering you are planning to wear.


Every dress that was wore by Jay from the Great Gatsby dresses were attracts millions of followers as to look attractive like with in the Gatsby costume in the wedding, engagement and other formal parties.

  1. Pink Great Gatsby Suit
  2. Jay Gatsby Shoes
  3. Gatsby Outfit Tie

Pink costume contain these three item displayed above, however, walking stick, shirt, ring and watch will be the same as displayed in Jay’s white costume.


Most demanding Jay Gatsby Costume is the brown costume to enhance the vintage clothing a new name of Great Gatsby style. This costume will not only give you smart look, it will also make you bold and proud when you visit any gathering by receiving positive comments from the guest their.

  1. Great Gatsby Party Dress
  2. Jay Gatsby Hat
  3. Great Gatsby Glasses
  4. Great Gatsby Clothing Shoes
  5. Jay Gatsby Tie
  6. Jay’s Brown Vest

The great Gatsby book can only displayed Tom Buchanan quote as the Great Gatsby main character but movie who attract millions of fan to get replica of this outfit and become the charming personality in the party.


Every single outfit wore by Jay will give you dashing look, this guide will contains all the item as Black suit, cuff-links, white shirt and bow tie. Shoes displayed with the Jay Gatsby outfit will be best match with the Black suit to look eye-catching in the party.

  1. Gatsby Style Cuff-links
  2. Tuxedo Dress Shoes
  3. Jay Gatsby Black Suit
  4. The Great Gatsby Shirt
  5. Jay Gatsby Bow Tie

Among other outfit wore by Leonardo in the movie this outfit gave most awesome look. But still white and brown outfit have more demand as compared to the other dress wore by him.


Nick Carraway, after world war move to West Egg Long Island, where he live next to his cousin Daisy and former classmate Tom to learn about bond business. Tom uses him against Daisy that she have an affairs with Gatsby prior World War I, which was admitted by the Daisy. Later he discovered that Daisy killed Myrtle Wilson in Great Gatsby Car.

  1. Tobey Maguire Suit
  2. Tobey Maguire Shirt
  3. Tobey Maguire Hat
  4. Tobey Maguire Bow Tie
  5. Tobey Maguire Shoes
  6. Tobey Maguire Watch

Greats Gatsby makeup are searched several time in the search engine but there is no need to checkout this one with the outfit you are selecting to wear in the gathering as the prom dress to look like the king of the fashion in vintage style.


Daisy is the member of the richest family in Long Island who get married with the Tom Buchanan. She admitted that she had love affair with Gatsby in the party carries with Nick, Jordan, Jay and Tom. Her vintage clothing were inspired many of the female followers who love to wear this flapper costume in the parties they visited frequently.

  1. Daisy Buchanan Costume
  2. Daisy Buchanan Hairband
  3. Daisy Buchanan Bracelet
  4. Daisy Buchanan Shoes

  1. Sequin Fringe Charleston Flapper Dance Dresses
  2. Gatsby Flapper Evening Dress
  3. Gatsby Fringe Flapper Costume
  4. Crystal Sequin Embellished Fringed Gatsby Dress
  5. Gastby Sequined Embellished Fringed Paisley Flapper Dress
  6. Gatsby Cocktail Dress
  7. Floral Maxi Long Gatsby Flapper Prom Dress
  8. Vintage Gatsby Bead Sequin Art Nouveau Deco Flapper Dress

Inspired with the modern fashion, Great Gatsby men outfits were most demanding as compared to the female Great Gatsby clothing. However, taking this vintage dresses as a part of fashion, fan are still ready to cosplay it at Halloween as well as use this identical outfit as the party wear to become the vintage fashion icon in the gathering. To Check our other fashion guide, click here!

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