The Strain is an American horror television series based on the novel trilogy of the same name. Dr. Ephraim Goodweather was called upon for investigation for the airplane landing wherein everyone aboard was dead. During the investigation, his team discovered a viral outbreak that has similarities to the ancient strain of vampirism. The virus begins to spread and Goodweather team works to save humanity.

Finding huge attraction of the fans and followers of the show till the strain season 4, findurfuture decide to work on the Strain costumes in which we try our level best to cover all the strain characters.


Dr Ephraim, the strain (Corey Stoll) is a doctor who was called to investigate a mysterious illness that killed all the passengers of a plane aboard as the strain stoll is working with the Center for Disease Control’s New-York-based canary project. Good Weather and his team later discovered that the viral outbreak was actually an ancient strain of vampirism known strigoi.

  1. Dr Ephraim Goodweather Cosplay Faux Leather Jacket in Brown
  2. The Strain Movie Light Steel Fleece Hoodie
  3. The Strain TV Show Plain Green Long scarf
  4. Black Beanie Hat
  5. The Strain Worms Black Weather Gloves
  6. The Strain Black Cargo Pant
  7. Dr Ephraim Goodweather Boot
  8. The Strain TV Series Ephraim Black Backpack


The Strain Dutch Velders (Ruta Gedmintas) was a streetwise internet hacker who worked for the Eldritch Palmer. Later she understands that she worked allowed the vampire strain to take over the entire New York City which let her decide to join Dr. Ephraim, Professor Setrakian and Vasilly Fet in their fight to save the city. Ruta Velders clothing is typical of an underground hacker although she used to wear the heavy jewelry and considerable amount of black eye makeup.

  1. Dutch Velders Cosplay Grey Pullover Sweater
  2. Queen Rania Faux Leather Jacket Coat
  3. Lady Jane Blackish Skinny Jeans
  4. Mondelez Plain Lace-Up Boot
  5. The Young Victoria Black Winter Hat
  6. Liveomg Waterproof Kajal Liner in Black
  7. Miranda Fashion Jewelry
  8. Charcoal Fingerless Winter Gloves


Fans who watch the strain knows that on the strain, Jusef Sardu (Robert Maillet) was a friendly and 19th Century polish nobleman afflicted with gigantism. The Strain book series reveals that when he was attacked by his master of an ancient line of vampire (the strigoi) he became the master’s host body. Wolf’s head sword cane was his signature and later this vampire walking cane comes into the hands of a Nazi war criminal and later Professor Setarkian who utilize it to fight the stringoi. People who prefer Sardu after his transformation here is the mask available for the master.

  1. High Waist Brown Cotton Trouser
  2. Jusef Sardu Cosplay Pirate Jacket Coat
  3. The Strain All Seasons Vintage Brown Vest
  4. The Strain Web Velvet Cape Cloak Burgundy
  5. TV Shows Like the Strain Gentleman Cravat
  6. Jusef Cosplay Pirate Boot
  7. Jusef Sardu Wig
  8. Dragon Walking Stick
  9. The Strain Master Mask


The Strain Professor Abraham Setrakian (David Bradley) aka “The Jew” is deuteragoinst in the series. He is Holocaust survivor living in New York as a pawn shop owner and hunts the ancient strain of vampires (the strigoi). He first encountered the strigoi at the hand of Nazi Army during WWII. Despite his age, the strain Abraham is steadfast and quick, thanks to his concoction of strigoi blood that make him healthy and extend his life. Wolf’s head sword cane is his most distinctive accessory that belongs to the vampire master’s human host before acquired from a war criminal. The exact cane is difficult to find, though many pewter substitutes provide the same effect.

  1. The Strain Setrakian Black Fedora Hat
  2. Professor Abraham Setrakian Cosplay Black 3 Piece Suit
  3. The Strain Show Abraham Black Overcoat
  4. The Strain fx Blue Dress Shirt
  5. The Strain Band Dark Navy Necktie
  6. Abraham of Worms Lace Dress Shoes
  7. The Strain Genre Golden Pocket Watch
  8. Dragon Walking Stick
  9. The Strain Abraham Setrakian Black Red Scarf


Quintus “Quinlan” Sertorius or Mr. Quinlan (Rupert Penry-Jones) is the main protagonist in the Strain TV show. Despite being the son of the master he is a vampire/human hybrid (dhampir) who helps humans to fight vampires’ outbreak. During the pregnancy of his mother, he was turned by the strigoi but an accident line of the vampire result in him being half strigoi and half-human. He has many attributes of the vampire races but not limited to the vulnerability of sunlight or bloodthirsty. Being the son of the master he also has the ability to link telepathic communication with his father.

  1. Quint Trench Coat
  2. The Strain The Master Fleece Hoodies in Black
  3. Quinlan School of Business Work Pant
  4. Quinlan Makeup Kit
  5. The Strain Cosplay Leather Driving Gloves
  6. Quinlan Boot
  7. Quinlan’s Equipment Sword
  8. Prop Bone


The Strain Vasiliy Fet (Kevin Durand) is the tritagonist and the main character of the series who uses his knowledge and skills to fight with the strigoi as a New York City exterminator. He has solitary nature, despite this nature he quickly bonds with Professor Setrakian and Dr. Ephraim Goodweather and becomes part of their team to clean the city from the vampires.

  1. Vasiliy Fet Cosplay Sandstone Detroit Jacket
  2. kevin durand the strain Ebony T-Shirt
  3. The strain exterminator Black Cargo Pant
  4. Kevin durand lost Black Cross Draw Vest
  5. Kevin Durant body Police Badge With Chain And Belt Clip


When New York City has fallen to an ancient strain of vampires the Strigoi, The Strain Vaun (Stephen McHattie) who is the leader of band of undead hunters were summoned by the Ancient ones to stop the spread of the strigoi plague as he is the main character and serves as the American Ancients as one of their Sun Hunter and custodian. Vaus though his distinctive feature resembles the other strigoi by his Glasgow smile. Devaun looks can be easily achieved with the proper prosthetics makeup and black contact lenses.

  1. The Strain Vaun Cosplay Joker Smile Prosthetics
  2. Vanity Theatrical Makeup
  3. Vasa Bald Cap
  4. Pointed Prosthetic Tips Vamos Ear
  5. The Strain Cast Black Micro Stretch Jacket
  6. Vaux Tactical Vest
  7. The Strain the Ancients Black Work Pant
  8. The Strain Vaun Costume Tactical Boot
  9. The Strain Sun Hunter Leg Holster
  10. The Art of the Strain Round Star Applique Patch
  11. The Strain Cosplay Prop Spring Pistol


Charlotte (Rhona Mitra) becomes a couple with Fet after assisting his raid on the strigoi working as a Chief Operating Officer. Following the nuclear bomb in New York City, Quinlan and Fet move west to find a solution to the strigoi outbreak in the city, and Charlotte comes to their aid. As a beautiful farm girl, Charlotte’s clothing is all about utility, and she’s very comfortable with hunting and the outdoors.

  1. Suede Fringe Jacket
  2. Charlotte Cosplay Skinny Jeans
  3. The Strain Charlotte Red Plaid Shirt
  4. Gray Boot Socks
  5. Light Melange Gray Beanie
  6. Tan Work Combat Boot
  7. Brown Work Gloves
  8. Toy Hunting Riffle


What are feelers, during taking over of New York City, the strigoi kidnap blind children on their way out of the city and turned them in to “Feelers”. These vampire kids are animalistic enhanced with extra-sensory perception and are created to track Dr. Goodweather and his team. Most of their clothing is dirty and tattered but still, they wear school uniforms. The Strain storyline reveals that most the children are female; the skirt, stocking, and shoes can be easily swapped for pants and men’s dress shoes. Otherwise, their look is virtually identical. Though this makeup looks complicated, it can be easily achieved with a bald cap, a professional color wheel, hairpieces, scarring fluid, pale blue or white contact lenses, and a little experimentation.

  1. The Feelers Standup Turtle Neck T-Shirt
  2. The Strain the Feelers Cosplay Navy Cardigan
  3. Vampires in the Strain Green Check Skirt
  4. The Killers Navy Stockings
  5. Coldplay Scarring Liquid
  6. Mary Jane Ballerina Ballet Flats Shoes in Black
  7. The Feelers Bald Cap
  8. Theatrical Makeup
  9. Shapeshift Red hair Extension

You have noticed these costumes in how many seasons of the strain; still required a proper DIY guide to cosplay any of these character at Halloween with perfect appearance. Therefore we workout have a complete & proper scary costume guide for our reader. Makeup your mind and prepare for the best ancient of the vampirism in the Strain cosplay.