Looking awesome in the character is the dream of the cosplayer; for that purpose, they have to work hard in their costume, makeup and personality to look alike the original character. Instead of focusing Avengers, X-Men, Teen Titans or Justice League; many of the followers have started to follow gaming characters in their daily lives by using merchandise related to them. We are time to time share the Fortnite costume DIY of different characters which are popular and highly skilled in the game. We appreciate reader to collect all the fortnite accessories without any trouble from the given links.

In Fortnite, Teknique is an unlockable skin as part of the Aerosol Assassins Set. With the motto “spray up a storm“, she turns to spray paint graffiti into art. Add detail to your costume by painting “TILTED” on the cap; duct-taping together a crowbar and long paint roller for your pickaxe tool.

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Having all the accessories of the Teknique costume, you will become the most amazing character of the Fortnite game. These days several new gaming characters are introduced; which are truly followed by millions of fans, gamers, and followers around the globe. If you like our collection of costumes share it with your friends and family; they will take advantage of this DIY fortnite guide for Halloween and cosplay. For more Halloween costume ideas check out our collection of gaming costume by Click Here!