Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) also known as Erik Stevens or N’Jadaka, a special ops soldier in Black Panther movie, who is trying to overthrow his cousin T’Chala (the Black Panther) and the King of the Wakanda. Killmonger Marvel has very different view to rule the Wakanda. Viewers well know that how Black Jordan entered into the territory of the Wakanda, forced T’Chala to fight with him and finally betray him for thrown. Findurfuture is very much thanked about your appreciation and liking of Black Panther Merchandise, therefore at this time we feel very energetic to share the DIY guide of the Killmonger costume.

Erik Killmonger Cosplay Wig (Shop via Amazon)

Let’s begin this anti Black Panther costume guide with the Dreadlock Rasta Hippie wig made with high quality and great for Halloween idea.

Killmonger Mask (Shop via Amazon)

Jordan reveals Black Panther under this mask as an opponent of the King of Wakanda to become a Lord of Wakanda and take revenge of his father.

Michael B. Jordan Vest (Shop via Amazon)

Black Panther Erik Killmonger vest are available in varieties at the Amazon Store but we select this one which is made with premium quality synthetic leather, polyester, satin lining with two pocket inside.

New Black Jordan Long Sleeves Tee (Shop via Amazon)

To become Black Panther villain you have to buy blue long sleeve-Shirt which dry fast and technology keeps you cool and comfortable during cosplay at Halloween.

Panther Jordans Army Green Camo Trouser (Shop via Amazon)

8 Pocket casual work combat trouser is perfect for Jordan Panthers cosplay, however there are several other varieties of camo pants are available at the product page.

Black Villains Green Tactical Belt (Shop via Amazon)

This tactical belt features a military belt buckle made from heavy-duty metal. Intuitive and smooth quick release functionality when you push the golden tabs down at the same time. If just one tab is engaged, the connection will still hold and fully re-lock on its own.

Jordans 2018 Tactical Waist Belt (Shop via Amazon)

Available in several colors at the product page and an ideal organizer for accessories, cell phone, key chain, small gadget, small tool, and everything else you need readily accessible.

Jordan 13 Panther Gun Holster (Shop via Amazon)

Black Panther Jordan 13 uses right leg gun holster to carry his weapon to fight with his enemies in the Black Panther film so that you also have to consider the identical costume accessories on priority.

Eric Monger Boot (Shop via Amazon)

Being a fighter and the military man he use to wear the combat boot as displayed above. Material used in it is out class and the leather & nylon construction is made to provide full protection without compromising on comfort.

Marvel Bad Guys Grenade (Shop via Amazon)

Vibrating pull string toy grenade is considered as a killmonger weapon and one of the most important costume prop for Killmonger cosplay.

Erik Killmonger Battle Suit (Shop via Amazon)

Finally with the Killmonger Battle suit you have all the accessories to cover the Black Panther body for Halloween cosplay. This costume guide has several choices of Killmonger cosplay. We invite our respective reader to visit our collection of the Marvels Costumes for more Halloween Costume Ideas.